Let's go Spurs!

…and no, not San Antonio!

I am a huge Tottenham Hotspur fan, having spent lots of time in North London. Today Spurs get back Son…and hopefully can overcome Alax’s 1-0 lead in aggregate.

Speaking of the Champions League…how many on this board saw the UNBELIEVABLE fixture yesterday between Liverpool and Barca? 4-0?! Without your top two strikers? Against Messi and company? Maybe the biggest upset I’ve ever seen…not that they won…but that the won 4-0 and won the match-up overall.


Ok…go Spurs.

(Note that though I love watching Spurs, I don’t refer to them as “we.” There is only one “we” in my fandom…)

Ugh. Watching the last kick of the game hit the net for Spuds nauseated me, as it would any true Arsenal supporter. But Ajax did a fair Arsenal impersonation in the second half, i.e., bad defensively, and they were punished.

Arsenal is going for the Europa League final tomorrow, up 3-1 after a home win over Valencia, but with the defensive shortcomings I noted above, 3-1 isn’t safe. They absolutely need an away goal. And they need to win the Europa final when they get there, to get back into the Champions League. Their ability to recruit new talent this summer depends on UCL money, which will be a minimum of 16 million euros and probably a lot more.