Let's go Hogs - huge game

So, I am home from the hospital, where my wonderful Mary spent three days with a small bowel obstruction. She’s vulnerable to these with the scar tissue that is in there from her surgeries. That said, she is fine now. No intervention was needed.

She’s asleep with our 8 year old dog Guinny now, and I have the 5 month old puppy on a blanket on my feet getting ready to watch the Hogs take down Kentucky,

Ther more I think about it, I do think the poor Tenner effort was playing a hard road game on a Saturday, losing in a one possession heart-breaker, flying home for one day, then flying back to Tennessee, where they had senior day and we were just not ready.

We will be ready today. Kentucky will be ready too. But I expect us to play well, get the lead midway through the second half at the latest, and never give it up.

I’ll bet you Kamani starts and plays like a madman…albeit picking up fouls. The Twins are gonna come to play today, and our guards are gonna go off.

C’mon Hogs. A long undefeated run starts TODAY.


Continued prayers for Mary. We’ll be ready.


Praying for you and Mary! It always nice to get home!