Let's get McCann and Keuchel world series rings

Dare I say, the White Sox are the hottest team in baseball. They’ve gone 12-2 in the last half of August and are in 1st place in the AL Central.

They’ve got great batting and very good pitching. Two great starters in Keuchel and Giolito and a closer who with an ERA under 1.

C’mon Sox, you can do it.

In this crazy year, the White Sox in the World Series would be fitting, I guess.

Maybe, a Cubs-White Sox World Series? We’ll probably have to bring in the National Guard to stop all the gunfire in Chicago.

Actually, this would be the year to have a Cub-White Sox world series. There won’t be any fans in the stands if the current rules remain in force. Maybe even some of the criminal element in Chicago would stop shooting and watch the games on TV for a week or so.


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