Let's get honest

…oh what is the use. I have tried twice now to write a post worthy of reading but find it is almost impossible to be succinct. We’ve reached the stage where just trying to make a statement invites an endless ramble of frustrations.

Maybe all that needs to be stated is that we are a hot steaming mess. I am beginning to think there is enough blame to go around for everybody involved.

I am in the same boat. I’ve started a dozen posts and trashed them all. It starts with a good point and rambles on into a bitchfest that serves no purpose other than getting me all wound up.

This year is what it is.

I’m admittedly a “glass half-full” kind of guy. So I’ve got a real problem with comments like “we are a hot steaming mess.”

Losing stinks, and getting dominated in a game we thought we’d be competitive in is disappointing and frustrating. However, this is a team that is 6-4 in week 10, with two very winnable games left on the schedule. That’s better than the 10-game record in CBB’s first two years, and the same as last year (after a 2-4 start).

The chances of having a better regular season than last year are good. The chance of getting a better bowl game is good. A 9-win season, which would make for three consecutive years of improvement, is still within reach.

Unlike the last two years, there’s not a loss this season (so far) to a demonstrably inferior team.

Just take a look around the SEC this week: Dead-and-buried Tennessee beat surprise contender-now-pretender Kentucky. Ole Miss was spiraling out of control toward no bowl game, but won at Texas A&M. And speaking the Aggies, wasn’t this the year there wouldn’t be a November collapse? And I haven’t even mentioned Auburn and its offensive geniuses managing only seven points against a defense the Florida — FLORIDA — scored 24 on.

In a league like the SEC — and, really, in all of college football — what happened last week means almost nothing this week (unless its an injury). We beat full-strength Ole Miss and follow that up with an eight-touchdown drubbing by Auburn. We then dominate the best team in the SEC East and then get dominated by LSU, a team with no coach and an uncertain future. This week we’ll play a team that beat the supposed second-best team in the league two weeks ago and followed it up by getting pounded 51-3 by a team we scored 30 points on.

I guess my point is, it’s pointless to get too high or too low based on one week. You never know what’ll happen in the next game.

I’m not blind to the issues: Arkansas’ defense is terrible, maybe worse than last year. The offensive line is behind where it needs to be. We still lack depth at crucial positions.

But, “hot steaming mess?” I’d save that kind of talk for, say, Texas, Notre Dame, Kansas or Rutgers.

Now, we go 0-2 in the next two games, my glass will likely be half-empty too.

I thought the headline I saw on Whole Hog Sports last night sums it up: “Hogs Consistently Inconsistent”

We never know what we’re gonna get with this bunch, and it’s frustrating. We can play very well, or we can look like a bad junior high team.

The good news is, we haven’t played two bad games in a row yet. So I look for a better effort Saturday night at Stankvomit. It will have to be better, too.

Is there really any inconsistency with the Razorbacks? I’d say not.

Against really good defensive lines, Arkansas’s offense has had serious problems. Four times out of four. A lot of people have succeeded in running on Florida. That wasn’t a shocker.

Against offenses with the right kind of rushing threat, Arkansas’s defense has had serious problems.

Thankfully, TCU spent most of that game trying to pick on Arkansas’s cornerback pass coverage, only belatedly figuring out that the defense was vulnerable on the edge to the run.

Austin Allen looks shellshocked by week after week of huge, fast guys flying at him. Mississippi State is far from elite on pass defense. If the Hogs can pull themselves together and be a semblance of what they were earlier this fall, they should move the football. One thing that must change: turnovers. Too many turnovers, fumbles and picks both.

Our pass efficiency defense actually has a higher national rank now than our offensive passing efficiency does. What you can’t fathom is what the rushing defense will do this weekend. MSU averages good per-carry numbers and more than 210 yards per game, but they also have just 14 rushing TDs.

They have 11 rush TDs, 11 pass TDs in the red zone in 31 tries (Arkansas has 10 rush, 16 pass in 34 tries). The Hogs have allowed 19 rush TDs, 4 pass TDs in 29 red zone chances.

Our defense is likely to come as a relief to the Bulldogs’ offense, just like their D might be to our offense. This game will test everything about the Razorbacks’ state of mind and ability to prepare for one very important football game. MSU can’t afford another loss if it wants to go to a bowl game.

103rd out of 128 in rushing defense after our 10th game is a bona fide mess, wither it is a hot steaming mess or not.

By any calculation, BB has a real mess on his hands.

Their QB, Fitzgerald is big and a good runner (read option). He is a dual threat guy. He will annihilate this defense. Our only hope is to outscore them… which is possible given their terrible defense.

A lot of people have been able to run on Florida? You’re gonna pull a groin with that stretch, Randy.

Tennessee ran for 179 with a total UF second half implosion. Misery got 265. We got 223. That’s it. Three out of 10 isn’t a “lot”. Georgia, with Chubb and Michel, got 21 yards. Total. Chubb finished with 20.

In the 7 other games, Florida’s allowing 48.7 yards per GAME.

I know the score comparison is not sound logic, BUT MSU DRUMMED aTm and we got DRUMMED by aTm… I’m worried about Saturday… for that matter, Mizzou beat Vandy last Sat and would like nothing more than to win the DIVISION Rivalry (is that what it is called?..HOKIE!) because THAT will be their bowl game…

Well said…

Florida has played UMass, Kentucky, North Texas, Vandy…and Arkansas, Tennessee, Mizzou and Georgia.

Don’t get excited about that Georgia game. They’re 66th in the country in rushing offense, and they actually try to run.

Florida has played three teams with a decent running threat, and all of them ran liberally against the Gators’ defense. The rest is statistical noise, and you deliberately left that out of your screed.


Speaking of leaving out relevant facts, you failed to mention that Ralph Webb of Vandy is very much a decent running threat (935 yards) and Vandy got 147 yards rushing on Florida. Which is not negligible production, but not running liberally either.


I am in the same boat. I’ve started a dozen posts and trashed them all. It starts with a good point and rambles on into a bitchfest that serves no purpose other than getting me all wound up.

This year is what it is.
[/quote]I think that is a common feeling. Last year you couldn’t turn the channel and you knew we were going to be in the game, pretty much until the end — which I will always take, win or lose. This year, had to turn the channel twice because like my wife said, its not worth getting that wound up about. Still got hope for this week, but I have to admit I did pick 2 - 2 over the last 4 games so I hope I am wrong on that. Last week was not a surprise to me, after all, 100 years is a long time as they said it had been that long since we beat LSU three straight. They would’ve had to beat themselves and us embarrassing them 2 years in a row, and their early losses/lowered expectations made that unlikely.

Just wish I knew which team was showing up this weekend in Starkville. It has been worse. I remember 2 years ago. Ban the damn cowbells — lol – had to get that in there.