Let's Finish This On Defense

We just witnessed a great week signing JUCO talent for our offense. Now we need to finish our 2017 class with defense in the same manner. Our defense this year kept us from advancing up the ladder more in the SEC. Need Calloway, a DE, a LB & another safety.
I like the offensive players we’ve got signed or committed so far, especially with a great QB & OC coming back. We need another Sosa like talent to add to this defense at any of those positions listed above.

I hope to be proven wrong, but fully expect these guys at the top of their boards go elsewhere. In fact, many have recently chosen other schools or eliminated Arkansas.

LB Johnston- favors Iowa
LB Fisher - Texas leads
DT Edwards - already gone
Safety Woods - already gone
Safety Stewart- cut us last week
Safety Curl - TCU leads

If we strike out on all or most of these are there quality replacements waiting in the wings? Not been the case in recent years.

I expect Calloway to end up at Arkansas.

Melvin Johnson or another DL.


and a S.

What are the names at S, LB, and DT besides the ones I listed in my response to the original poster? What are realistic options of most or all of these go elsewhere?

Realistic options - hard for me to put names on those and thus that is not good for Arkansas.

That’s why I put positions.

They seem to have a lot of work to do to me between now and the end of recruiting.

As for DTs, I listed Johnson and obviously they have made contact with Malik Young (6-3, 280) of Eastern Arizona CC

Might be a DE instead of a LB - but again, names are slim

Kamren Curl is obviously a safety name that is taking a visit so that would me he is still on the table.

Thanks for the response - what I expected but still disappointing nonetheless.

Is Cole next on the board at safety?

I would think so, but we’ll see.

LB Fisher to Arkansas!!!
http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2016 … -arkansas/

Hopefully, we can flip a much needed DL and S and still land Chevin Calloway…

Totally agree have got to close out on D

Would love to see some more DL beef

Anything can change, but I don’t expect Arkansas to pursue Cole.