Let's change our name to "Fayetteville"

on our uniforms because of the confusion as to where the University of Arkansas is located. It is very confusing when I see Arkansas on the uniforms. They did it at UALR with “Little Rock”. Why not us?

This will give Jeff Long the opportunity to sell a bunch of new stuff.

The Fayetteville Razorbacks…I like it.

We could always do like THE Ohio State University and add the “THE”
to the front of our name. We would become THE University of Arkansas.

With the emphatic THE showing our flagship standing in the state, I’m
almost positive that would really get under the skin of those with the
inferiority complex that seek to tarnish UofA as a means to elevate

THE University of Arkansas Razorbacks


I e-mailed Wally and told him how irritating it is to have to read Fayetteville after the University of Arkansas, but received no reply. I understand it is not the sports department at the Demo Gazette, so who do we need to complain to? If an article includes the words Hogs or Razorbacks no further explanation is needed.

I have no idea why the ADG has gotten so anal about this stupid “, Fayetteville” thing, but it is eaten up with silly & stupid. They’re not endearing themselves with readers by doing it. Most people probably don’t care, but I’d bet anyone with an opinion thinks it’s dumb.

Way past dumb. Down deep stupid.

The kind of thing that makes one wonder about
someone with too much influence that is mentally unbalanced.

I would agree with Clay about this not being a big issue if it were not for the somewhat malicious history the Democrat has with the University. I never noticed their attitude until the newspaper war, but perhaps it has always been there. The Dem had John Robert Star editorializing and Wally Hall trying to destroy while the Gazette had Orville Henry trying to build.

I liked John Robert’s editorials except for his Razorback tirades. The Dem won the war and left us with Wally Hall. He should have never been given the job. The fact he is still there is disgraceful. I never liked the idea of buying the paper and being a part of contributing to his salary.

While no big deal to me, this is still editorializing. Editorial type statements need to be left on the editorial page. It was enough to finally get me to cancel my subscription. They don’t make it easy when you call to cancel, but I held firm. This day and time, you really don’t need a print newspaper anyway. I hung on out of habit and loyalty. They violated my loyalty, and I finally broke the habit. I don’t miss the paper at all.

It seems like the articles have One reference to the U of A, Fayetteville thing, usually at the beginning. That tells me that someone has specifically instructed the journalist to include exactly one reference in their writing. Never two or three or zero…exactly one. The thinking must be - don’t worry, the readers will get used to it and no one will care six months from now. Wrong! This will cost them subscriptions because some of us read articles and editorials to see exactly what the journalist sees or feels about the subject and this taints the art of independent thinking and writing. It is so silly and obvious that you have to wonder what else they are instructed to write in order to continue to draw a check.

I’m right there with you. When my time is up I’m finished with the idiots! I’m just sorry I paid for a year! They dont care about customer service. I guess UALR carries more weight to them than our hogs.

I suspect the person making this decision and passing down the orders is not someone with a long history in Arkansas and is trying to be politically correct while ignoring the history and tradition of our state.

last week in listing all the state employees’salaries i believed it said…head football coachUofA…4.whatever million dollars not uaf just ua…uams ualr;uam;uapb were all properly identified but "fayetteville"was only listed as ua…conflict of policy it looks like.