Let's be serious about this new coach

I don’t and you don’t know how our new coach will turn out. I am all for him because he is the new basketball coach of my favorite team. We all have opinions, yet no one knows how well he will do at the U of A. I do not understand how true Hog fans can be so critical of a new hire like this. I wish true fans would be excited, support our new coach, and want him to succeed. I hope the present players and recruiters are excited about the new coach. Let’s be positive. It is a new day. Go Hogs.

Are people being critical? I see a lot of excitement. I like the hire. Never know how it will turn out but on paper he looks like a solid hire.

You should visit the Kentucky board at season’s end each year their knocked out before reaching the final four… :grimacing:

I am excited with the hire. Hope good times are coming

I like the hire a lot

He will bring back passion on the sideline we have not seen in a head coach since Richardson IMO. Sweet 16 coming in the next 3 to 4 years. His teams scores a bunch of points and looking forward to next year!!

a new era …
let the healing begin…
go hogs!!

I have to say I am thinking positive thoughts about Musselman. I’m not ready to say he’s the second coming of Eddie Sutton yet, but I think he’s a pretty solid hire and I am expecting good things from him, starting soon.

Color me “cautiously excited”, and go hogs, go!

I love the hire. I posted on here back on February 17th that I wish, provided CMA wasn’t retained, that Yurachek would check him out. I got my wish…on both accounts.

Im all in and I’m hoping for the best and hope he makes the best of his opportunity. We have a bunch of good players coming up through our high schools and CEM probably couldn’t have been hired at a better time for him to take advantage of the instate talent coming up. He also knows that our AD means business and made known what he expects from a Arkansas HC. I hope CEM meets and exceeds all the expectations for him, his family and the great fans of The Arkansas Razorbacks !! WPS

I am hoping the fanbase unite and support him. It worth the wait. I am excited and it seems everyone else is as well.

Great term for how your feeling about CEM. I’ve been looking for words that tell exactly how I feel about our new coach. That fits me to a T. “Cautiously excited” - I like it.

I’m not to the level I would have been with Matta or Beard, but I’m happier than I would have been with Sampson. I am excited now about this upcoming season. I’ll definitely make the Red-White game this fall.


I would’ve found something else to do on game days if we’d hired Sampson. CEM wasn’t anywhere near the top of the list of coaches I would’ve like to see hired, but Kelvin Sampson wasn’t anywhere on it. Nothing personal, I just don’t like the guy.

Pretty sure that’s personal

Pretty sure it’s not. I don’t care for him. I see the clips of him running up and down the sidelines during games, running into officials in the process. No, I can’t see THAT ever being a problem in the SEC. His mannerisms just rub me the wrong way.

Nope. He’s been in trouble with the NCAA’s at 2 big name schools, including Indiana where the school practically recruits itself. Don’t hand me the crap about how what he did is legal now, either. It wasn’t allowed then, he knew it, and he chose to do it anyway. Then you include the “coach in waiting” nonsense he was trying to pull as part of his employment. That almost never works.

We wouldn’t have hired Rick Pitino for the same reasons. It’s hypocritical to embrace the one and condemn the other.

I don’t know what everybody else thinks, but I am as excited about this hire as any since April 2012, definitely way more excited than any since then. It’s a homerun compared to the last couple we have had for sure.

We are also very excited with this hire.
I hope he and his family feel warmly embraced and welcomed to our rabid Razorback family.