Let's argue :D

Wins vs Losses (easiest to swing to hardest)

Sept. 1 vs. Eastern Illinois
Prediction: 65 - 10
fcs program enough said

Oct. 20 vs. Tulsa
Prediction: 63 - 17
Morris and SMU eked out a 38-34 win over the Golden Hurricane at home

Sept. 15 vs. North Texas
Prediction: 49- 28
Defending Conference USA West Division champions, North Texas went 9-5 in 2017

Sept. 8 at Colorado State
Prediction: 44 - 27
Did better than expected against then-No. 1 Alabama in a 41-23 loss.
High altitude and home-field advantage may help CSU in this one, but the Rams, on paper, are outmatched

Oct. 27 vs. Vanderbilt
Prediction: 48 - 24
The offense did a solid job, scoring an average of 25 points per game, but the defense was porous (31.3 ppg)

Oct. 13 vs. Ole Miss (in Little Rock)
Prediction: TOSSUP
The Hogs’ gas tank may be empty heading into this one after facing Auburn, Texas A&M, and Alabama

Sept. 29 vs. Texas A&M (Arlington, Texas)
Prediction: TOSSUP
In theory, two things favor the Hogs in this SEC West showdown: Arkansas gets yet another team after facing Alabama and John Chavis knows the talent on the Aggies’ roster well

Nov. 10 vs. LSU
Prediction: TOSSUP
LSU has a roster full of former five- and four-star prospects but returns just five starters on both sides of the ball but their handicap is the head coach

Nov. 17 at Mississippi State
Prediction: TOSSUP
Arkansas leaves the friendly confines of the Natural State for the first time in five games to face MSU

Nov. 24 at Missouri
Prediction: 58 - 61 in OT
SEC’s No. 1 offense last season

Oct. 6 vs. Alabama
Prediction: 34 - 45 (close at half)
The week prior Bama hosts Sun Belt member Louisiana.
Make no mistake, Alabama will be talented across the board in 2018, but the team lacks major experience on defense.

Sept. 22 at Auburn
Prediction: ??
Auburn could be slowed going into this one after games against Washington and LSU, but will not overlook the Hogs for Southern Miss the following week. This is Arkansas’ first big test of the season, and comes on the road, but it gives Morris a chance to show what he can do in the SEC.

That’s a good summation of wins and losses and tossups. In terms of difficulty, I might flip Colorado State with North Texas, LSU with Texas A&M and Mississippi State with Missouri.

wow you have a mighty opinion of our offense!! I can’t see us scoring 60+ pts. too many ? marks.

I think we will all the non-conference games. We may win 1 or 2 conference games. Vanderbilt or Old Mississippi. Maybe, we upset one team. 5-7 or 6-6.

Weak offensive line and we don’t have Austin Allen. If Kelley plays all year, maybe 6 wins.

I’d move Miss St. down below LSU and probably aTm. Just don’t see what others see in them.

LSU has two scholarship QBs left. If they have any injuries, that game could become very winnable very fast.

Arkansas scored 43+ pts 4 times last season (39 & 38pts once) averaging nearly 30pts per game last season with a QB running for his life the entire season.

A lot of faithis being placed into Penn St. fmr Offensive Coordinator because the $$ talent they accumulated under Hugh Freeze rivaled the elite of the SEC at one point and not all of them transferred.

yes i can see 40+ but I’m not sure I remember the last time we scored 60+(Nichols I think) hope your right! that means the offense will get some confidence

I think we are going to score a lot of points this year, but I don’t see 60 or probably even 50 in the first game, even against an FCS team, unless EIU turns the ball over a bunch. The OL is likely to be hit and miss, and the first game(s) in a new offensive system tends to be uneven.

I believe our defense is going to startle and intimidate a lot
of opponents this year. Our offense will have many opportunities
to put points on the board

I’ll have what the OP had…in fact, make it a double