Let's all hope that next week

we are able to complain and moan about another 55-21 victory. People are still complaining about the LAST coach, lol.

Complaining about wins is loads of fun, compared to complaining about losses. The board this week has been civil, kinda nice.

I’m looking forward to watching our O and D coordinators mold their units, work around injuries and keep trying to improve.

I REALLY hope that at the end of the year, we reflect back on these first couple games and say:"man, can u believe how much better this O Line got as the season went along? " and stuff like that.


I hope we see OLINE improvement for the team’s sake but also to calm down some posters. We didn’t get into this Oline situation over night nor will we fix it by complaining about talent. Talent can’t be fixed over night- it will take until NEXT YEAR. We have to swallow some pride and enjoy watching the Oline and Dline show IMPROVEMENT during the season. It is pretty bad on the Oline and to a lesser extent the Dline, but it took 3-4 years to get into this mess.

I think a few posters will continue to complain no matter what happens since it is something personal with them and CCM.

Must be miserable being a Bama fan, all they can complain about is who the QB should be week to week…

Alabama complains about not reaching a certain level of excellence.

Must be fun indeed.

They also take offense at the media when they call out their beloved coach for jumping down Maria’s throat for no reason and he was CLEARLY in the wrong for doing it. How dare you get on our coach for being a jerk like that on national television in front of a national audience! SMDH!!!

The internet, message boards, and social media has created a new national pastime: complaining and whining with an audience. In the old days you would only hear it at the barber shop.