Let the whining begin

The backup QB did not get in the game soon enough.
Ty Story dropped the ball uncontested. He’s done.
The Oline can’t get a push on 4th and short.

Feel free to add any whining.

Great win by the Hogs!

Beat Bama, boys!


Trying to be negative? Trying to incite?

I thought the game was great. Lots of meaningful substituting that should pay dividends for the future. Allen proved his worth once again. Nothing to whine about but your challenge.

I anticipated an anti-Allen post from you. My bad.

Oh there is a lot of it (whining) going around. But I saw more positives than the few negatives.
Valuable playing time and success by back ups, thanks to the coaches giving them the chance and opportunity for success and they scored some TD’s for us. Got some new guys out there on defense and good performances by some. Great confidence builder. Except for the QB, but I wont let that be a Debbie Downer and hopefully he doesn’t either.

Your are correct
Great Win period.


I am happy with the win and the fact that nobody got injured. Overall this was a good win, but we have some teaching moments from this game. I wish CBB and Co would improve upon their substitutions and depth development. The poll driven stats and fan bases demanding blow out wins create a need to leave starters in too long to create big leads.

-The Oline looked better but the problems we still see are fixable with experience. Too bad we play a super tough team this week, because we need another light opponent to build confidence.
-Sprinkle is not getting the ball much since he is having to help the Oline. Our WR and TE talent is so good that Cornelius blows up the void if you take away Sprinkle.
-RB looks to be in good hands with RWIII and the 2 FR. It is noticeable we are missing the lateral cuts of AC. Hammonds is impressive and will create a great competition with Whaley to keep them both accountable. Kody Walker is a great team player but he requires big holes for his style that has NO lateral cuts into creases. Our Oline isn’t there yet for him.
-We are still having trouble with Zone Read QBs and leaving middle of the field wide open.
-Ellis & Greenlaw played way too many snaps when we were comfortably ahead.
-We got a few snaps for the back up LB’s but not near enough, to make up for not playing them against Texas St. We have to get some people ready to give E&G some breaks from fatigue, because their fatigue may be leading to the collapse in the second half against HUNH teams.
-Austin Allen has proven himself enough and taken too many hits, so he should not have played from the middle of the 3rd quarter on.
-Ty Storey did not play enough snaps to work on confidence and get in a groove. He will be remembered for the fumble because he didn’t have a chance to make enough good plays to outweigh the fumble.

I thought the same thing when A. Allen threw 3 passes all of last year.
However, that seems to have worked out just fine. What do I know?!

We seem to be very worried about the devastation which might occur this year if AA goes down, but prolly if AA goes down the season’s lost no matter the preparation of QB#2–an extra quarter’s worth of snaps for Ty would not make him the best QB on the field against our murderer’s row of competition coming up. So with that risk of total lost season by banking purely on AA, the coaches seem to have determined to give AA even more experience in front of the games that count, starting next week. At least they now have good film on many of the backups.

Looking at Hog Treat’s comments, I’d like to point out that Kody, on that goal line play, plowed into the back of his own lineman rather than follow his blockers slightly to his left. This “not following your blockers and finding a seam” hurt us on two goal line plays against Tex A&M–on those jet sweeps there was blocking to the inside of the DE, but the runner chose to go it by himself and try to go outside. Loss yardage each time. Might have made good yardage following their blockers. This trend of three plays in goal line situations I hope can be corrected. BTW, I am not the only person to mention RB impatience in these situations, so no dead horse award here.