Let the truth come out first

before panicking.

Everybody already has a doomsday scenario played out in their heads. Just calm down.


This is 21st Century America, General. The truth is irrelevant.


I understand people being anxious but condemning the program, BOT, and AD before anyone is even named yet is ridiculous.

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Good point general.

I’m guilty.

But damn it’s hard not to, when you’re an Arkansas fans and you intrinsically know how these things work out.

Absolutely. The panic on here is astounding. No matter who we hire, it’s got to be better than who we just fired. And no matter who we hire, we’re looking at maybe 4 wins at best next year. We’re in for a long struggle.

I wouldn’t go as far as saying the next coach would be better yet. Baked warned us well about that perception.

After the last 2 years, unfortunately 4 wins would look good.

I’m not convinced it would be better by any of the names mentioned, as an actual possibility at this point.

I have said IF it BLJ then we are doomed and the Board is at least partly to blame. IF.

Nuts! Everybody rumored or mentioned would be a better head coach than Morris.

Not lunney or Pittman