Let the Healing Begin

Football early Recuiting signing class ranking

13th 18th or 19th

When was the last time Arkansas had a class this respected?

This is a very positive move

TYSM Coach Morris and staff

I don’t think it will translate into a West Div run next year but it is


It must be followed up with two more equal or better classes before we can even sniff being a Top 25 team again.

Not to mention coaching up these young men to be SEC players.

They can recruit.

I believe they can coach.

We shall see.

Of course, but we can’t take the second step until we’ve taken the first one. This was a very good first step. If this staff can do what it did following an 2-10 season, I have no doubt it’ll do as well or better next year. (I’m not predicting a lot of wins, but we will see significant improvement and perhaps 6-7 wins.)

The positive point is that we have credible reasons to be optimistic.
If you can’t be optimistic with what these coaches have done in
recruiting, then you have a problem.

Alabama, LSU, Texas A&M, Georgia and Florida have a gigantic
advantage over us because of their immediate recruiting area.
So if we are eventually able to end in the 6-7-8 slots in our
conference, we will be smelling like roses. This is a tall order.
A steep hill to climb. But doable. If we can get to that level, we
will be a top 20 program on the field.

The main thing I look for is our guys actually competing with the other guys. That was totally lacking this past season. I am optimistic in general.