Let the games begin

Keyshawn Embery seeking transfer, name has appeared on the transfer portal

I was actually expecting this even if Mike had been retained.

Yes, in fact I had mentioned that when Sills was named the starter. The die was cast then. However, I thought there was a fighting chance as long as Mike was here.

I expect 3 to 5 in the transfer portal. Maybe we can pick off guys like Petty from Alabama from the portal if we can hire a coach soon.

I’m curious if the coaching change would be grounds for a waver? I’d like to see Petty and Joe in the backcourt together.

I thought coaching change allows you to transfer and be eligible immediately, no?

I don’t know the rules on that, but Bama has a 6’11 big man that is transferring. We need a big, maybe get two Bama guys? Couldn’t hurt

The big (Giddens) has already transferred once. So, I don’t know if he’s an option. Unless he’s a grad transfer.

Not typically, although they’re granting more and more exceptions. Shea Patterson got exemption because Ole Miss lied to him and said the NCAA investigation was nothing. Justin Fields got exemption because of the racially tense atmosphere around Georgia (i.e., the baseball player calling him the N-word).

The one I can’t understand, how Tate Martell at Miami was given an exception?

Before the decision, Martell’s attorney said there are a specific set of circumstances related to his time at tOSU that merited an exception; playing time was one factor but there were many others. I guess they made enough of a case to get the exception. And yes kids are hiring lawyers to get their exceptions.

Swine, it seems to me if someone doesn’t get a handle on all this permissible movement by these kids it’s going to be near impossible to build a roster. How does this affect the APR?

You speaking as if this kids are no more than objects. Allow me to share this with you and anyone else that bothers to listen If you aren’t the means to their end you better have a relationship with them…period or you are out

Rollingwithmike, huh?

The trend is for kids to change schools, a lot. I don’t see that changing. The D-I average for basketball last year was two transfers per school, and that was BEFORE the transfer portal came along which makes it even easier.

As far as the APR effect, it’s the same as if the kid went pro, as long as he’s academically eligible when he left.