Let’s not act like we didn’t know the challenge

Of getting off the matt.

For whatever reason, we are where we are.

Have to dramatically improve talent.

Have to improve special teams, have to get an O line with push etc.

What’s new.

We unfortunately know what dead last means.

Only q to me is whether we have an Administration and coaching staff who gets it.

I believe we do.

And that is why all is well.


The depth of talent will take awhile to build up, but I felt like I saw a lot more effort yesterday than I’ve seen for most of the past couple of years. That’s what I was most interested to watch yesterday. I think that kind of effort will win some games this year.


Agree Matt, if that had been Nevada, we likely would be 1-0, and discussing the issues we need to correct prior to conference games. What a wild year this is.



Franks has to play better regardless of the opponent. He missed open receivers and decision making looked shaky at times. Georgia had something to do with that but I think he’d tell you he can do better.


There are no quick solutions for us, that is for sure. We did play hard and did not quit. The team was organized and played pretty well that first half. I am impressed by the improvements made, while at the same time kind of in a funk knowing how far we have to go to become relative and competitive in the SEC.
I do like the fact Coach Pittman tells it pretty much like it is. No smoke blowing or bs’ing. I do hope he is the man for the job because he is such a good dude. He will get enough time, I do believe, to recruit and bring the talent level to a point where we can compete week in and week out.

Now, on to the Cow College down in Starkville. Moooo…

Just a puzzling signing. He’s the definition of mediocre IMO. In this transition, wonky year I’d much rather see KJJ get first team reps.

I was not against signing a GT QB, if they were a difference maker (i.e. Newman). I’ve never felt Franks was a difference maker.

Hopefully he proves me wrong


Agree. I had hoped to see more from him. He had “deer in the headlight” look about him a few times yesterday. Made some bad decisions, especially for a guy with his type of experience.

Still early, but not feeling as good about QB play this season as I was 24 hours ago.

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I think I will take a minute before judging him.

He did not play great yesterday, but he was at the of helm limited offense in terms of talent, one that has a long way to go on the OL and was playing his first real football game in over a year.


What did you think of his play at UF?

I agree, Matt. I saw a lot more than the past few years.

Effort was a positive for sure.

I thought he was average in 2017 (1,438 yards, 9 TDs, 8 picks), extremely solid in 2018 (2,457 yards, 24 TDs, 8 interceptions) and was off to a good season in 2019 before the injury.

I don’t think that is the “definition of mediocre” but to each his own.

IMO, it would have been coaching malpractice to me if they had just stuck with the QBs here.


I didn’t judge him (note - did not say you were speaking to me only) any more than you did. I essentially said what you did…he didn’t play well yesterday. Have also noted in other posts and a thread I started that our offensive effort needs to judged through the prism of who they were lined up against. And I’ve also said I haven’t made a definitive judgement about him. But it is fair (and accurate) to say I was less than excited about what I saw from our QB play yesterday. I truly hope to see better things in the next 2-3 weeks.

Grading him as a “D” is a pretty clear judgement. Dudley said he did not play “great” and that he would to wait to judge him. That is very different than giving him a “D” grade.

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You offered up a take.

So did I.

Didn’t say yours was right or wrong.

For that matter, didn’t say mine was right or wrong.

Just a simple opinion.

A Baker’s cake will only be as good as the ingredients he has to put in it or is allowed to put in it.

I did not agree with the poster who said his career at Florida was the definition of mediocre

I agree Dudley. IMO - Franks had not suffered that horrific injury he would still be the starting QB at Florida. He had beat out Trask.

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Franks’ career passer rating is 133
Ty Storey’s was 130
Austin Allen 141

IMO he’s JAG. Not a difference maker


@DudleyDawson, in SEC games only Franks has 16 TD, 12 INT and has a 56% completion percentage. His passer rating is 122

How would you define that?

To compare apples to apples, Austin Allen had 18 TD, 13 INT, 57%, 134 passer rating.

The grade was just that…a grade FOR THE GAME. Dudley himself said it wasn’t a good game. Was HE judging him?

“Judging” to me is more long-term and definitive than a grade for a single game. Said I hoped he’d improve in games to come. We’ll see.