Less than 10,000 there?

Saw a tweet saying tickets scanned was only 9,962. That crowd seemed bigger on TV. Anyone there think there was more people?

ESPN reporting 17k+. That’s what it looked like

I would have guessed 11,000 or 12,000

That’s not a bad crowd with the way the season has gone.

not under 10,000.

There were a lot that went through without scanning today.

Arkansas is planning on doing something different next season, maybe back to estimated actual attendance.

Scanning isn’t working. I don’t think it catches students for one thing.

What I have noticed is I put my ticket under the scanner and it doesn’t register. You do it a couple of times and the attendant says go in.

It was a very good crowd…At least 13,000

Yep, I noticed that too, I was at a game a couple weeks ago, and I put mine under, I didn’t hear a sound or anything and the lady just told me to come on in. I think those new scanners isn’t catching a lot of people going through.

Just got back from the game. I thought about 13K. But who cares about that? Tickets sold were 17K. Big revenue game for the program.