Les Miles

It was good to see him be involved in the commercials for Dos Equis and Dr. Pepper during the time outs last night. He is a funny man!

To each their own. I had quite the opposite reaction - didn’t think they were at all funny, except for Les’ new Grecian Formula look.

I agree it was funny, sure beat the heck out of hearing Saban say “Yeah maybe I am right” about some prom dress. WPS

I covered Brian Bosworth in college. I had some extremely interesting interviews through the years with him, including on the sideline at the Orange Bowl when he was banned because of steroid use. He went after the NCAA pretty hard. He never denied steroid use. But he just thought everyone else was doing it, too. He may have been right at that time. It was sure being used at a lot of SWC schools, all across Texas. That’s where he was from. His thought was that he first used it when he had shoulder surgery. He was supposed to stop at a point, but didn’t. He saw the benefits and got faster and stronger. He never denied that to me.

Interesting post, Clay. But I’m trying to figure out it’s relevance in this particular thread. What am I missing??

Bosworth is the sheriff in the Dr. Pepper commercials.

Ahh . . . I was focused on the Les Miles angle. Thanks.

Full disclosure. I’ve seen those commercials (about the refs moving in, etc.) and thought that the sheriff looked familiar. Reminded me of Kurt Russell, but not old enough to be him. Never dawned on me that it was Bosworth, with that make-up on (and it looks like he’ls slimmed way down).

I thought the sheriff was Kurt Russell. I know the Boz was in a couple of bad movies when he was younger, but I thought he actually was good in those commercials.

Gosh I kept asking myself who is that Sherrif?
I kept thinking some Hollywood actor.
The Boz it is.

Well, I’ll be damned. It sure is. I never realized that.

speaking of the Dr. Pepper commercial, who ended up stealing the championship trophy. I’m curious enough to ask, but wasn’t curious enough to watch through them.

I don’t know, but can we please bring back Larry?

Les Miles stole it.

I enjoyed them.

The Boz has some Burt Reynolds-like acting skills and delivery.

Worst Commercials IMO have to be SFarm and Aaron Rogers…“Mercy”, please :sunglasses:

I loved the Larry Culpepper character, although I thought the commercials were best during the first year when everyone in the commercials found him annoying. I agree all the Larry commercials were better than the Fansville commercials.

I’m going to kick my DVD around… sorry to miss the Bos doing anything especially playing what I’m sure was a humble lawman.