Les made an extra 1.5 from LSU today

must be a hard thing to live down since LSU AD settled his obligation by giving him a 1.5 m one time payment, then Lester just hours later got a guaranteed salary from JL that would have made LSU owe zero to Les. Hoping for a Bielema miracle. Colorado maybe. Football scoop full on interesting stuff today:

http://footballscoop.com/news/lsu-just- … lion-fire/

It took a week to work out the details and no one involved was surprised but agreed on the deal.

It is always about the Benjamins (follow the money ) but sometimes the $ is not the point. If I was LSU fan, I would have to think hard about giving up the cash and getting nothing back when they called me for another donation. Way too much focus and money on college and professional sports these days.