Leroy Sutton passed away

US Reed mentions of Leroy’s passing this morning in his interview below about Eddie Sutton.

Sad to hear. Sutton was a solid player on some great teams.

Last I heard, he was living in NLR working for a church.

Was great at roaming the baseline then a hard cut to the basket for receive a pass and get a layup

So sorry to hear about Leroy. Prayers for his family.

RIP Leroy Sutton iii.
He played hard Eddie Sutton defense also. Tough Dude.

This brings back a memory. In 1984, I wrote a letter to the U of A asking if one of their basketball players could come down to El Dorado and put on a free, Christian-slanted basketball seminar for the youth of our church. We would pay expenses. To my pleasant surprise, Leroy Sutton volunteered. He came down and put on a solid 2-3 hour demonstration for the boys of how Eddie Sutton coached fundamental techniques–offense and defense, and the kids (and the grown-ups who were there) paid rapt attention. He also led a short devotional. Afterward, before he left town, I took Leroy to a local cafeteria and told him to get whatever he wanted for lunch, I’m paying. Wow, I’ll never forget he got two big trays full of food and ate every bite! For a slender 6’5" guy, he must have had a hollow leg. But what a nice, polite, Christian gentleman. RIP, Leroy Sutton.

At the time he played (way pre-internet), I had no idea he was such a prolific scorer in high school. I remembered him as a player whose range was about 2-3 feet. Very quick turn around lay ups off the glass. Short rebound and back up quickly. Off the glass. Which was fine. They all had their roles.

I wonder how accurate my memories really are. I honestly can’t remember a shot he took that wasn’t like I described.

Same here, redporkhustle.

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