Lenzie Howell obit

Bob Holt wrote on the death of Lenzie Howell, with thoughts from Nolan Richardson, Todd Day and others.


So sad. He was a great Razorback. Prayers for his family.

The ultimate compliment to me is when people keep saying a team needs a Lenzie Howell. And I’ve heard that mentioned about a million times since he played for Nolan. He had a huge mid-range game, as everyone has mentioned. And, he got tough rebounds. Yep, glue is a good word for what he could do for a team.


Howell left us way too soon. Condolences to the family. No player ever represented the university better on the court. He played the right way.

Thanks for posting that game. I had never seen it. I was living in Boston at the time and was forced to watch the UConn game. Howell saved us in the first half. What a big time performance. We haven’t had many of those in the NCAAT during the last 25 years, I had forgotten just how well that team passed in the halfcourt, Only two rotatio players were individually under 50% on deuces for the year. Amazing.

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