Lemming on Morris, staff and Chandler

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I totally agree I think we need to continue to stockpile high quality defensive tackles and offensive lineman if you can get that in supply you can play with anybody

This is why I was pleased we hired Coach M. Recruiting is the life blood of any good program. He and his staff are working their tails off to bring quality football players to the hill and ultimately why he will be successful. It is going to take several good classes similar to this one to get us there, but I think we are on our way. On the field they made mistakes the first season , but I believe they will learn from them and get better. As Dabo said last night ,after they curb stomped Bama, " if we can do it here , others can as well" Clemson won because their Jimmy’s and Joes beat Alabama’s. Coach M, chief and staff are going to bring them to the hill as well. Anyway my 2 cents. WPS!