Lemming has praise for newest commit

We don’t get too many guys like him… we have to hold on to him because he’s the kind of player we’re going to have to get if we’re going to close the gap on the better teams.

No doubt, I agree 100%. A complete stud on the dline.

Chances are slim we keep him. Alabama or Auburn, or anther top level SEC school will make an offer he can’t refuse. A great NIL deal, cash and benefits, or a job for the parents. Seen this happen too often to us.

Who you referring to?

Great Expectations is one of my favorite books. Pip believed.

Reggie Perry comes to mind. There have been others in multiple sports. And did we Really beat out Alabama for this young man’s commitment? Or, aa I suspect, he is BAMA’s plan B,C, or D.

I think we need to pray we stay in orbit around the sun.

Well my eyes have seen a lot of players and I can guarantee you this kid was not on their BC or D list. He very much looks like Will Anderson and that’s only in high school he will be an absolute beast by the time he gets another year of weight training.

I know we will have our work out for us holding on to him and I sure hope we can because he’s a difference Maker

Yep, and what we need are difference makers. He sure looks like he fits that.

They made sure he spent a little time with Anderson during one of his visits. Haven’t heard anything that implied he was a B guy like you said.

No it don’t take you but about 5 seconds to look at his tape and realize he’s got big time ability,has been very well coached. I’m sure it will be a battle all the way to the end but he says he’s 10,000% committed so we can only hope so.

Film says: Future Star.

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