Lemming: Fair play law inevitable

So many questions they have to figure out. I don’t think it’s a bad idea, but it could easily, easily go very bad.

Is there a Cap on the amount they can make?
Are they still on scholarship?
Can they wear non school-affiliated brands?
Are some players taking a pay cut, due to the fact that now they will have to be taxed? (Easy answer, that’s a yes)
How many kids each year will actually get big money? 20? Football is extremely hit and miss, not worth dumping money into someone if they don’t ever help you.
Could the athletic program fine players if they weren’t on scholarship and were receiving outside payment, it’s technically not amateur anymore, so why not?
Do players transfer more freely because they get better offers somewhere else after a good year?

Idk, I could go on for days with questions I have. Ultimately I just hope it doesn’t ruin college football. It without a doubt would no longer be amateur, but does it even or worsen the playing field?

Teams like Oregon and Maryland would probably benefit the most, in my opinion. Their biggest boosters own Nike and Under Armour respectively. They are in the business of endorsing athletes.

Does a Chicken company want to endorse a college football player/basketball?
A trucking company?

Idk, I hope they do it right, and have some serious rules, because it could get bad.

It’s a can worms the NCAA doesn’t want opened. It’s easy to pass a law when you’re not the one having to enforce it.

It looks like the can is opened and the worms are on their way out.

Money changes everything. And usually not for good.