Legit question about the SEC Championship

I know it’s a long shot, but if Arkansas beats Alabama and a couple of other teams lose SEC West games in the next two weeks, can Arkansas end up going to the SEC Championship?

We have thee SEC losses and would lose tiebreakers to Ole Miss and Auburn

And Bama would only have two losses if we beat them.
Maybe they also lose to Auburn?
Maybe Ole Miss loses to State?

Would take some crazy stuff happening

But Alabama would have two loses to two SEC West teams, just like Arkansas, so our win would be a tie breaker.

Bama would have to beat Auburn, to have them at 3 SEC West loses.

And yes, MSU would have to beat Ole Miss, so they’d have 3 SEC West loses.

It’s a crazy scenario, but just looking at the numbers, we could legit go to the SEC Title game if all falls into place.

We’re tied with Auburn for fifth, and they have the tiebreaker. We’re a half game behind Moo U and TAM, with tiebreakers over both.

Moo U finishes with Ole Miss. Ole Miss finishes with Vandy and Moo U. TAM finishes with LSU. Auburn has the Chickens and Bama.

Sooo if we win out, Moo U beats OM, LSU beats A&M and Auburn beats Bama but loses to the Poultry… but if OM beats Vandy, which they will, it doesn’t matter.

Ah shucks.

It’s overall conference record that decides Division winners.
Record in division only comes into play In tiebreakers

Yes. It’s possible. But “long shot” is an understatement.

Don’t think there’s ever been a 3-loss team win the West. Not likely this year either.

Hard not to think “what if”…… but if we convert the 2 point play in Oxford, we would now control our own destiny to win the West.

Looking at the schedules it is possible we could wind up with SIX of the SECW teams at 5-3, as crazy as that would be.

Would require us beating Bama and Mizzou

Auburn would also have to beat Bama (they already have 3 losses, could tie for the championship by beating SC and Bama)

But Bama would have to lose both remaining games

Ole Miss has Vandy and Miss St. could certainly lose to State. That would give them three losses

State has 3 losses and has only Ole Miss left in conference.

A&M has 3 losses and has only LSU left in conference

Only the part of Bama losing twice is very far-fetched in this scenario

Couldn’t begin to tell you how the tiebreaker for that would go.

We won’t win the West - and please Lord don’t let Ole Pi$$

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