Lefty Help

I’m always looking for more lefty pitching. You never have enough in college baseball. That’s one of the things that I noticed Oregon State had, lots of lefty pitching. It’s one of the things I was looking for last night in the scrimmage against UALR.

Patrick Wicklander is the lefty freshmen who seems to be the most coveted on this roster. He didn’t pitch because he’s going to get a start to open the fall world series next week.

But I did get a good look at lefty freshmen Caden Monke (6-3, 160) and Evan Taylor (6-4, 230). Both of them had nice breakers. Taylor hit two batters but he wasn’t behind in the count. Threw strikes, so maybe he’s wild on the good side. Batters can’t dig in against Taylor. He’s imposing on the mound.

I would have also liked to have seen 6-7 lefty Steven Sanchez. I’ve heard good things about him, too.

But I think this is a good sign for the future. Obviously, there is a lefty closer on this staff in Matt Cronin. That helps a lot.

There are lefty hitters in this group of newcomers. Matt Goodheart looks like a keeper and he swings from the left side.

Clay, getting all this baseball coverage in the middle of football season is bad.

Bad to the bone.

Thanks a bunch and I hope you’re feeling better.

We try to please. There was a good BBQ place in Tulsa that I loved. They had a great motto.

Elmer’s: We be bad.

Their best plate was the Badwich. It had pulled pork, one rib bone, one hot link with sides of beans and slaw. It was on top of a buttered slice of toast. It be bad!!!

Thanks for you hard work Mr. Clay Henry. The pitching staff will get settled. I just hope the young lefties get the experience early in the spring and can effective. Confidence is what these young players need and having good performances will build that.
Oregon State did have a variety of lefties and they each showed hitters the ball from a deferent release point! The off speed stuff they threw was the difference in the series.

yes you get 3-4 nasty LH and you can be in a lot of games!! hopefully Wicklander can be a weekend starter…