Left lane, hammer down, full tilt boogie....

That would be Clemson for sure, not Arkansas. We’re more like a 66 VW Beetle with a governor on it.

Clemson is hammer down now but wasnt so much in the early years learning the offense. Of course they had a lot better athletes to begin with than we do.

Apparently nobody was minding the store and someone stole our car.

Again I ask, what did y’all want him to say - we have sucked, we suck and we will continue to suck?

Dude tries to have some optimism, out some belief in his team and y’all trash him for it.

Obviously, the criticism has very much less to do with what he said and a lot more to do with the fact that his coaching this year was completely disconnected from, and the opposite of, these stated philosophies.

He said it from day one before realizing what he had.

But it is brought up all the time as if he said he could cure cancer and then didn’t get it done in 12 months.

He may not be the guy here in the long run, but deserves time to right the ship and not have that thrown at him all the time.

After realizing what he had we should give him props for not pulling a Dana Altman

Can always revert back to “Uncommon”

You and others keep posting this, but it’s a different tune than many—including insiders—were singing at the start of the season.

He had a very similar roster to the one that won 4 last year and could have won 7 (and was much more competitive in the league).

It’s the same roster that had Insiders, here, that picked us to win between 8 and 6 games at the start of the season.

The roster is down but he had a very bad year of coaching this team up and getting them to play hard.

But, the company line, now, is that he had absolutely no chance to do anything. False. False. False.

Again, doesn’t matter what he had. It’s about how he approached the game this year.

If the excuse is he said it before he knew what he had, what about saying 4 was unacceptable regardless of the coach?

I’m not throwing it out there for any other reason than he approached the game the EXACT OPPOSITE of these slogans/mottos.

I defended “Uncommon” and will “Hammer Down” as long as he’s actually practicing what he’s preaching.

And, I know that it’s a rule now to point out he had absolutely no chance of doing anything here, this year, because of a lack of talent, but he inherited a roster very similar to the one that won 4 last year and could have won 7 and was much more competitive.

It’s the same roster that caused the Insiders to pick between 8 and 6 wins at the start of the season.

You keep saying (about running off players) that this is a business, and it is.

And, in this business, if you come out promising to Hammer Down, and you do the exact opposite and lose more games than any HC in program business, your “business”’ customers are going to be fired up and irritated by catch phrases that aren’t backed up with actions.

I’m curious what Insiders on here predicted as the record for the 2018 season?

Dudley, do you have access to that and, if so, can it be posted with perhaps a few thoughts from each on why the pick was made and why you think the actual record differed from the prediction?

Yes, similar roster, minus the quarterback and the center, the best two offensive players. Just saying it wasn’t much. I did figure defense to be better, and it was, although some don’t want to hear that either.

I thought QB play would be okay with the RPO game but not sure this OL could handle it, nor could QBs run it.

I still like the concept and believe these guys can coach it.

I figure most can see that. Maybe you can’t. If that’s the case, I probably can’t help you.

I am not going to spend much time trying to make you understand that they were best suited not to play up tempo this year. I do think that it is still the goal as quarterback play, O-line and wide receivers improve.

This set of offensive players wasn’t suited for up tempo.

Most fans think play calls are the answer. I think you need good scheme, but players are the key.

Catch phrases are fun. And I see that every one of them can be used against you.

I’d rather have them sometimes than just have a blank notebook at the end of the day.

I do believe up tempo is where this staff plans to go. It was a bad year and the gripes are fair and to be expected.

It was this — Hitchhiked but could not get a ride. Found a shopping cart and pushed it to a McDonald’s and did not even have the money for the dollar meal.

I think it’s a little of both. I don’t think he stayed true to who he is in philosophy and I don’t think he could have done any worse had he, that’s for certain. I also cannot believe the program was allowed to sink this far. It’s a tradgedy to let this happen. No excuse for it.

I’ve thought a lot about this over the years, and I think it comes down to expectation management.

I think there is a large number of fans out there who are tired of NOT having their expectations met.
Every year they hear the coaches talk up their teams.
Every year they hear the press make optimistic season-record predictions.
Every year they set their expectations on what they hear from the coaches and press.
Every year they watch the team perform BELOW expectations.
Every year they get pissed at the coaches for NOT doing what they said they’d do.
Every year they get pissed at the press for NOT reporting all the team’s faults until AFTER the season is over.
Every year they get SICK and TIRED of NOT having their expectations met.

So yes, I think they very much want the coaches and press to state/predict EXACTLY how the season will play out.
If they say their gonna establish the run, they want to see something like 250+ rushing yards/game.
If they say their gonna throw the ball, they want to see something like 350+ passing yards/game.
If they say their gonna have balance, they want to see rushing/passing plays/yards to be statistically close.
If they say their gonna “out Alabama” Alabama, they want to beat Bama.
If they say their gonna go “left lane, hammer down, full-tilt boogie”, that’s what they want to see.
But most importantly, if they know we’re gonna suck, that’s EXACTLY what these fans want to hear the coaches/press say. That way they can set their expectations accordingly low, turn off the TV, and hope for better results next season. See? … no disappointment endured; the season played out EXACTLY as expected.

Sad thing is, they’re oblivious to how condescending or demoralizing this desired candor would be to the players.

On a related matter, I find it stunning the number of fans who clamor for the program’s “dirty laundry” (NOT NCAA violations) to be aired … especially by people (on both sides) who are still actively engaged with the program (college sports, etc.). I’m all for accountability, but airing the “whys behind the scenes” rarely serves any real purpose, aside from satisfying one’s curiosity.

Harry King:

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2018 … 18-season/

I was at 5-7.

I thought Arkansas would beat Eastern Illinois, Colorado State, North Texas, Tulsa and Ole Miiss while going 1-7 in the SEC.

Trying to find preseason predictions from others.

Very good post - some of our insiders apparently picked us to go 8-4 per a frequent poster here that went back and checked.

Seriously? Knowing we had 8 offensive linemen, two QBs that can’t play at the P5 level, etc. It boggles the mind really.

It’s that kind of “promotion” coupled with a coach basically saying 4-8 should not have happened and implying NOW will be better - not later.

I posted it earlier this year. This fanbase is craving straight talk and the hype/spin is beyond tiresome and folks think the folks are dishing it out are full of it.

Thanks - did you, Clay, Matt, and Richard post your predictions?

If Morris had come out in January and said “This team sucks, we’ll be doing well to win four games again,” the fanbase would have flipped its collective lid and you know it. They don’t want straight talk. Maybe he just shouldn’t have said anything, but the fanbase would have flipped over that too.

I did not do a story, but predicted 5-7 and 1-7 on here and both radio shows.

I am pretty sure Clay had a story with his win total, but can’t find it.