Lee Westwood


Great ball striker, but a guy who is a really poor putter. He has a new woman and is putting pretty well. In the past, he would just melt down with the short game…putting and chipping when it got clutch time in the majors. He is 46 now, and the pressure is off in this major. Come Sunday it will be interesting to see if his nerves hold up.

In his day Lee was TBPNTHWAM.

Lots of Golf to be played…I see Mr. Koepka is right there.

Westwood just missed a 2-3 footer…that is a poor putter no matter the situation. I see another Brit hoisting the trophy this afternoon…Fleetwood. Guess it all depends on how Lowry holds up to the pressure. Kopeka needs his putter to catch fire today, which has let him down this week