Lee Mayberry lands high school head coaching job in Tulsa


Lee is a class act. My nephew works in administration at Watson Chapel. He said Lee was a great guy. My great niece signed with Tulsa in April and will play with one of Lee’s daughters next year. His other daughter transferred to Kansas State after starting her career at Tulsa. Hope to attend some Tulsa games next year and meet the Mayberry family.

Congratulations Lee on your new coaching gig!


Cascia Hall was once the most prestigious prep school in Tulsa (I’m sure it’s still a top school). Great neighborhood off Utica.

When Tubby Smith was head coach at Tulsa, his two oldest sons played for Cascia Hall. GG (Georgia) was a senior while Saul (Kentucky) was a sophomore (1995). That team might have been the best in Tulsa, if not for Booker T Washington having Etan Thomas (Syracuse/NBA), Ryan Humphrey (OU/Notre Dame/NBA), and RW McQuarters (Okie State football/ NFL).

My wife taught at Monte Cassino for 6 years. That’s not Cascia Hall but they were always doing things together.

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