Lebron no happy

Exactly my position… I’ve not tuned my TV to more than a minute of an NBA game in ages, but I do watch CBS Sports, Fox Sports, ESPN, etc and you can’t help but see some NBA stuff that way.

I wonder if they switched teams if they both would have made the playoffs and would they both still be in?

I believe Giannis with the Lakers would still be in. I believe Davis is more important to the Lakers than LeBron. Not sure if LeBron and the Bucks would still be in, but Giannis was hurt against Miami. Would a healthy LeBron be able to carry them over the hump?

Magic actually developed a pretty good set shot from three in the late 80’s when he decided that he needed to score more. He shot a respectable 36% from the arc on a high volume in ‘87 - 89’ before HIV. He was also a career 85% from the line and 54% inside the arc. That’s better than Jordan, albeit in lower volume and more layups in Showtime. He’s underrated as a scorer. He was the ultimate fixer. He did what he needed to do to maximize team efficiency.

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