Lebron no happy

With MVP voting

I don’t really like James, but I can see his point. He is such a great player. He changed the game because he could play any position his team needed. He is not going to go easily into the night with his NBA career.

Given where Lakers were last year and where they are now and the season LeBron had, he should be MVP.

So Lebron changed the game that way? Wow… I guess I remember things a bit differently. How about before we anoint James with honors for doing something lets think if anyone else did it before say maybe 40 years ago.

Magic Johnson filled in at center in game 6 of the 1980 NBA finals to clinch the title for the Lakers against the 76ers after Kareem had hurt his ankle the previous game. A 20 year old rookie recorded 42 points, 15 rebounds, 7 assists, and 3 steals all while playing guard, forward and center at different times throughout the game. And if I remember right he even jumped for the opening tip.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I can admit Lebron is a great talent, but I’ll not proclaim him a game changer for things others have done before.


When you are the self-appointed King, you don’t like to be called a prince.

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Whew. Hard disagree. The correct player won the MVP, a regular season award.

Second best PER season ever and Giannis didn’t have Anthony Davis along for the ride.

I feel since they had no real season, there should be no awards. But I am not a NBA fan.

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Oh. Well thanks for weighing in then.

As I mentioned before I no longer have much if any interest in the NBA, but at one time I loved it. I realize we have much more coverage now then ever before and access to players and players with social media putting things out there, etc. Still when I was an NBA fanatic, back in the 80s, I just don’t remember the stars of those days like a Magic Johnson, Dr J, Larry Bird, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (my opine the GOAT), etc; whining about coming in second for an award. I guess its a different age and with all the sensitivity training forced on us all through the years whining has become acceptable.

[Edit] Hmm… I do vaguely remember a bit of bitterness from Isaiah Thomas towards Larry Bird… some racist remarks that if Larry was black he’d just be another average player, but I never much cared for Thomas then either… he always seemed a bit whiny and pouty to me.

I guess when I grew up, sportsmanship meant to me that when you win, you act like you’ve been there before and will return again. When you lose, you just congratulate the winner and a job well done and keep your mouth shut in public. Now in private you can call his mama a bag lady if you want, but in public lose with grace… no whining allowed.


Isaiah Thomas

UR Right Hog2009… Thomas… I knew that, just wrote it down wrong… good catch. I go edit that.

Well, please don’t forget Wilt Chamberlain and Stephen Curry. I think they changed the game too! Arguably more than Lebron James. And Magic Johnson could and did play all five positions on the floor.


I think the MVP for the regular season was awarded to the right person.

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I liked Magic Johnson. He was a great player, but he could not shoot a lick. He had no jump shot. He could do everything else, though. He did have a pretty good hook shot, but he shot a set shot and not that well.

I am not a Larry Bird fan, but the guy was a tremendous player and a great shooter. He could talk trash with anybody. Bird could not jump over a piece of paper lying on the floor, but he was a wizard at the game.

I know very little about today’s NBA but James whining (to me) seems like a bad optics for him.

Man, you can tell you haven’t watched the NBA in awhile. They all whine.

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Ding ding ding!!!

Very interesting thread. It is a fact that not many here follow or watch NBA. But appears a high number dislike LeBron on how he plays and what he says.

There must be a lot of peaking going on when LeBron is on TV.


Love how he plays, dont love what he says.

Well, I don’t watch the NBA anymore, but I do go read CBS Sports and Fox Sports, and James is constantly the center of attention like he is on ESPN. When he retires, the NBA is going to have a large hole to fill.