LeBlanc, Embery talk about upcoming visit to Arkansas (story)...

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Do you think we will land those two, Dudley? ghg

I think there is a solid chance.

According to the article, Arkansas was one of LeBlanc’s early offers. It has been posted by some that A&M offered early and that is why Aggies are ahead of Arkansas for the LeBlanc signature. Of course, it is possible Kennedy offered even before Mike did. But for sure, Mike was not too far behind Kennedy.

No need to be vague; I don’t mind being “called out”. I mean that cordially.

But, here’s exactly what I said. Texas A&M put more emphasis on him early on. I haven’t given you evidence, but just for effect, here you go.

Quote from June 15:
“LSU, Texas A&M, Minnesota and UAB have been making me the biggest priority,” LeBlanc said.”

Quote from June 29:
“Texas A&M and LSU are making me a priority. Texas A&M they stay on it. They are always checking in, telling me about the school, asking me when I’m going to come up on a visit.”

Our discussion the last few days has not just been about offers; it’s been about how aggressively schools recruit, too. A more overarching statement.

Got it. You do follow recruiting closely. What comes in my radar scope is what I read on this board and twitter of players once they are mentioned here.

In fairness, around those times the staff probably wasn’t on him as hard because Perry was committed. We had our combo forward in Perry, so at that time their was no need to really go hard on LeBlanc. Of course they probably kept in touch and recruited him, but when Perry decommitted they obviously started recruiting him harder, hence us making his top 4.

And TBH, I really think we’re in the mix for him, I like our chances. I know everyone is assuming he’s LSU bound and he may very well end up at LSU. But, I like to look at the little things recruits do for hints where they are leaning. And one of the little things LeBlanc does is he retweets Arkansas media/fans more than any other school currently, if you just looked at his twitter you’d think he was a hard lean for Arkansas. He retweets nearly all of Kevin McPherson’s stuff, and he retweets Arkansas fan a lot, I actually haven’t seen many retweets recently at all of fans from any other schools. With that said, I do realize he’s an 18 year old kid, and it may not mean anything, but at the very at least I believe he’s seriously considering us.