Leaving to Go Watch The Hogs Play

Heading out to DIA in a few to catch a bird over the Pacific. I think we land while they are playing tonight. Hope to see some of you over there.

Looking forward to watching these new, talented guys play. Not really too caught up in W&L this time, but certainly hoping for Ws.


Arkansans love our Hogs. I just called the place in Blackwell that we get pecans each year. Told them could not come by since on my way to (at DIA now) watch the Hogs in HI. Would you please ship our order this yr. They said since we were doing that, they would have them at our house when we got home. Only in AR. Of coarse, the call ended with Go Hogs!

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One week you are in Canada. Then in elk camp near Steamboat. Next week you are on the Danube. Next week you are in Maui. Too fast for me. Gage almost as bad.

I’m staying in Norfork. An adventure is trip to Bull Shoals.

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Nailed it, Clay. Those two are of like mind where our Hogs are concerned. Don’t sale Bull Shoals short. Good for the soul.

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So far, not been contact Ed by CIA

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