Leave Mickey Mouse at Disney World

Note to Crash Craddock, aka Inspector Gadget. When you’re moving the ball and your Offense is starting to find a rythm, please don’t even think about getting cutesy. Thank You.

Sad part of that play is he raises up and throws it to CJ who released off the LOS he is by himself about 15 yds upfield would have been TD or huge play…

I totally agree, offense was finally showing some life and then those gadget plays. The wildcat, (more like house cat) never showed any sign that it was going to work. Kind of like the play caller was being hard headed because he kept going to it while it failed time and time again. Note to Playcaller, go back to plays when they work…also use your weapons, Boyd, O’Grady, Woods and Knox, and try to get Burks going, he will be unstoppable. While it was another loss, hopefully there was some smelling sauce dispersed so the coaching staff can get a whiff of what works and get away from what dont.