Least prepared we've been since John L Smith days

Offense, defense, every position except FG kicker was a “no-show” tonight. Maybe back to back games against Bama and OM took everything out of our players. They certainly didn’t put up a fight tonight.

Really glad we’ve got a bye week. It will take a minor miracle for this staff to get these guys back on track to finish the year after this dismal display. CBB turned it around after a terrible 2-4 start last year. Maybe he and the staff can do it again this year. There’s still a 9-3 record possible with the way our schedule is set up. It’s certainly hard to imagine though, after witnessing this mess tonight.

We will know more in a couple weeks. I happen to think this was a perfect storm of bad matchups, 8 straight games with no rest and an emotionally draining win last week.

We aren’t as bad as we have shown tonight and we are not as good as we showed last week.

I think we still win 8 or 9 with 9 or 10 with a bowl.

I sure hope you are right. This isn’t just a “tough loss” we’ve got to get over going forward. This was a psychological beat down of epic proportions. Sometimes teams don’t recover from those. Hopefully, with the character of our players and coaches, they’ll put this game behind them and take it out on our last 4 opponents.

Remember what Coach Holtz always said – things are never as bad nor as good as they seem. It’s not as bad as it seems, not even close. This is a good Arkansas team that has some quality wins against good opponents.

But it is clear that all the prognosticators saw something or knew something we did not.

I think we will see a different team after the break, but let’s be honest – 2-2 or 1-3 are realistic finishes.

The Hogs are going to make a bowl game – but will it be a 6-6 trip or a 9-3 trip?

We looked unprepared. We looked slow and lackadaisical.

Very, very disappointing.

The faithful expected another thrilling SEC night game between old rivals. A 10 to 17 point loss would disappoint us, but it would also be something not unexpected in the rough and tumble of the SEC.

But this – 56-3 – really? To not even compete? That is not acceptable. This is what we saw under John L Smith – and Bielema’s free-pass first year – remember that Carolina game? Here’s hoping it was an aberration/perfect storm situation.