Least favorite football broadcast team

I tried watching the Iowa- Maryland game, but I just can’t stomach Tim Brando and Spencer Tillman. For me, either one of those is close to intolerable…. but together?! That’s certainly my all time least favorite tandem.

(I think I’d rather listen to Beth Mowans call a game that Bill Walton analyzed…… well, maybe)

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Oh my. I don’t think anyone is worse than Bill Walton (if I remember correctly, Clay likes listening to him, one of the few things that makes me question Clay)

Best I remember of Walton calling one of our games was a few years ago. He went off on one of his stories, and about four series of plays happened and no call of the actual basketball game whatsoever.

I listen to Walton some. But never for long. Generally, it’s past my bedtime to watch west coast hoops.

I have always wondered if Walton was high or something??

My favorite all-time quote from Walton:

“I have never milked a cow…but I have been milked.”

His partner sat in stupefied silence…then changed the topic!

Mods if this needs to come down, I get it. But that is an actual, I swear to god I heard it on national TV quote.


Walton is the WORST.

Not only is Walton a blustery flake (too many recreational drugs?), his voice is very displeasing. Hard to believe he still gets work.

Don’t like Beth Mowans at all. Walton even less.

D. All of the above.

So often I turn down the sound. I have never enjoyed Spencer on a call, although I like him personally. Good person from a top family.

Bud Campbell was the best play by play person I ever heard. He was better than some of the national golden throats. At least IMO.

Whoever the " String Music ! " guy is.

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In almost every game, Spencer throws in a word that no one has ever heard. He uses it correctly. But, as my dad told me, if no one knows it’s meaning, you failed in communication. That’s our charge as journalists, to communicate.

Spencer is not there to prove how smart he is; he is there to paint the picture and communicate. He often fails at the task.


When he was starting out as a broadcaster, I’m guessing Spencer as a man of color may have felt extra pressure to prove himself, not just as a former jock (I remember when he was a hot RB at Tulsa Edison). Maybe he thought a flowery vocabulary would impress the folks who do the hiring (even if he lost the folks who do the listening).

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I once liked Raftery. But he’s on my no no no list now.


Barry Booker.

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