Learned a couple of new things

last week.

Coaches going to a school to evaluate talent during the spring obviously can’t talk to the kids. They have the bump rule where you can say hi but that’s about it. What I didn’t know they can’t talk to any signee that also attends the school. For instance, when Lunney and Enos visited Joe T. on Monday, they couldn’t speak to Koilan Jackson or David Porter. If they saw them off campus they could.

Visiting recruits have to stay within the equipment room when taking pics of themselves wear a school’s jersey. Guess that’s common sense since you only see them tweeting pics of them wearing a Hog jersey in the equipment room. I guess I never put 2 and 2 together on that one.

So, you’re saying you can teach an old dog new tricks?

No doubt. Especially when it comes to all of the NCAA rules.

And those rules continually get even more involved. The NCAA likely will regulate itself out of business eventually. Rules are needed to keep recruiting legit, but the rules are so in-depth, it’s doubtful that any program is 100% clean.