Leading Candidate

There are some indications this afternoon that Chad Morris has risen to the top spot on Arkansas’ search list. He has been vetted by the search firm and has interviewed at least once with UA officials.

This guy has been #1 on my list for several days now. IMHO, he’s one of the few offensive innovators in the game, and will be making huge waves in college football somewhere 5 years from now.

Might as well be Arkansas.

I think you mean passed the Jerrah test. :wink:

Loves him but he is going to be in way over his head in the SEC

You have no way of knowing that. He was in a big time program at Clemson.


Here’s hoping we’re willing to spend large bucks for his defensive coordinator and staff.

He did not run the program at Clemson, a big difference. What has he done at SMU?

Ponies are going bowling. More than I can say for us. At this point, any of the three names that have been mentioned–Morris, Norvell, and Venables–are good candidates in my opinion. They have to be judicious in how they retain current staff and hire their own newcomers to compliment their weaknesses, but that’s why we are paying the big bucks. Finding the coordinators is going to be a mess too with all the turnover. I saw that UCF grabbed Randy Shannon as Defensive Coordinator after he was let go from Florida. That is going to be a potent team, again.

Pull the trigger!!!

I keep hearing that creep Mike Leach being brought into conversations, pirates do not belong in a landlocked state!

Go Morris!


I’ve researched this guy a lot over the past couple of weeks. In a nutshell, he’s the TX version of Gus Malzahn, meaning he came up through the HS ranks and is regarded as one of the best coaches the state has produced.

Speaking of GM, Morris studied under him during Gus’s brief stint at Arkansas.

His offensive prowess has lit up scoreboards at every stop in his career, and he more less saved Dabo Swinney’s tenure at Clemson.

Regarding his tenure as HC at SMU, it’s important to understand the condition of the private school prior to his arrival. June Jones went there in '09 and won initially, but soon tanked. In JJ’s last season at SMU, the ponies went 1-11, and lost 7 games by 35+ points.

In CM’s 3 seasons there, the Mustangs have gone 2-10, 5-7 (losing a close game to Tulsa), and 7-5 (with a bowl game coming).

I don’t have time to plead his whole case now, but Morris rewrote record books at Clemson with his offense, and his SMU offense averaged 40+ pts per game in 2017. That’s good for 8th in the nation. (And I want to stress, this is a private school we’re talking about. He’s not getting a who’s who list of athletes there.)

And if you want to talk recruiting, Chad Morris is a name every high school coach and athlete in Texas knows and respects. He would command immediate attention as an SEC HC.

Yup. :wink:

Nice write up.

Loved to see that he had
A 3k yard passer
1k yard rusher
And 2 1k yard receivers

All this year, that’s impressive.

Especially considering his team is still recovering from the JJ train wreck. Left with little talent.
Not to mention how hard it is to get into SMU.

Let’s seal the deal. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I wish we would get Norvell. I have a bad feeling that in 3 or 4 years from now when he’s tearing it up somewhere besides Memphis, we are going to look back and wished we had hired him when we had the chance. He is going to be a good one.

Morris would be an underwmelming hire. Keep us right there with Vanderbilt

I’m sure he’s great, but I much prefer Norvell. He is also from Arkansas. I have a bad feeling – like you say, that in a few years, we’ll be watching him to tear it up somewhere else and we will be wondering how it happened. And if Morris does not work out, I’m sure there will be a “Bring MIke Home” campaign, and then we’ll get Norvell a huge raise at an SEC rival like we did Malzahn this time.

Arkansas passed on Jimmy Johnson twice. And there’s not a Hog fan anywhere who wasn’t wondering why we didn’t hire him when we had the chance.

Guess we just cannot help ourselves to change to stop repeating the mistakes of the past.

Sadly agree…

Many have given him a great deal of credit for the evolution of the Clemson program. Not saying Norvell is not interesting, but as far as pedigree, sure like the Texas connections and then being around a championship staff at Clemson. Norvell’s win/loss record looks better, but the Tulsa/Arizona State staffs he was on were not laced with star qualities.