Leach or Malzahn

Excellent movie…

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Well, the solid evidence is the following:

It was reported widely by the Arkansas media with connections to the Arkansas program

It was reported by the Alabama media with connections to the Auburn program.

It was reported widely by the national media

He signed a new seven year year, $49mm deal about a week after Arkansas had an opening. Common sense suggests Auburn did not do that out of the goodness of their kind, caring heart.

Has anyone from the U of A acknowledged that Malzahn was offered a contract in 2017? That’s all I need to know. A lot of things get reported.

What kind of business are you in? It’s not my experience that businesses run around talking openly and candidly about candidates that turn them down.

Does your company do that?

Well, where did the media get their information? Someone from the U of A, Sexton, or Malzahn?

Several of them are frequent contributors to this board and have sources within the Razorback Foundation and/or the Athletic Department.

Perhaps they will answer since you refuse to believe dozens of reporters that covered the story.

I would take Leach because he really wants the job, is a quarterback guru can bring in top-notch receivers, knows the state of Texas very well.
He like anybody else we bring in here will have to find a defensive coordinator that can hold his own in this conference and give us a chance. He’s a strange guy but he knows how to win games!

35-35 in the PAC 12. Currently last in the PAC 12 North.

Gus Buss played us like a fiddle. I know for a fact there was a booster plane setting at the Atlanta Airport waiting for the Gus bus to get on it and fly to Springdale that day after the SEC championship game to be the coach

11-2 last year with a win over ranked teams including Matt Campbell’s Iowa State squad in a bowl game.

WSU is a program that will have rebuilding years. Also, early part of tenure in PAC 12 a complete rebuild.

I would take Leach any day of the week over Gus bus

Unless you were the pilot of the plane he won’t believe you.:sunglasses:

Leach by a mile over Mal$an. Gus the backstabber needs to go to
Texas so we can all detest him equally.

Leach could very possibly take us to the 9 win level and from there anything becomes possible.

Completely agree!

Agree. He is like Frank, he has wanted this job for 20 years.

No way of knowing but I just don’t think Gus or Pirate with their histories check all the boxes of what Hunter wants.

No Gus!

Neither one, really.

Heck no to Gus… get over him. I would bet less than 10% would want him. He would completely divide the state. Also he would never give up the recruiting area he has.

Leach on the other hand has yet to screw us. He has applied twice. I am sure he believes he can win here. He has never had our type of facilities or a budget like we can provide. He has coached as an assistant in our league as well as a head coach in Big 12 and PAC 12.

His offense will be the closest to what Coach Petrine used and won with

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Leach. I love him. can’t stand Gus, most on this board have already said why, better than I can.