Leach enters the Portal

Those who have twitter(not me) are not surprised at all by this,there are some REALLY good catchers in the TP with Great #'s we have to get one asap!!!

Collin Price Mercer…315 18 Hrs 52 RBI 34k
Mcgwire Holbrook WV .327 6 Hrs.
Michael Carico Davidson .406 21 Hrs

Not that I don’t have faith in DVH to put together a team, but it sure seems like this is going the route of the Basketball team - only 2 members left from the Elite 8 with an all new cast. Now I will premise that by saying that basketball cast looks amazing.

I know DVH brought in a very good recruiting class this last year, but we are losing a HUGE amount of talent and experience as a whole from this years team. It has me wondering what’s left in the cupboard.

I liked his enthusiasm and the fact that he’s a switch hitter. Of course, we only have 8 fielders on the defense, but I felt he was wasted. Perhaps the reward of our riches? He’s a much better contact hitter than others we chose to be pinch hitters. We could have used that in the last game.

I think he could see the writing on the wall that we were going after better catchers in the portal to replace Turner. He just wasn’t likely to be the everyday catcher here.


I hate to see him in go. I hope it’s because we have likely better options

Leach never got enough playing time here and the fall series and practice must show he lacks some tools that DVH wants. I hope the young man finds a place to play I hope it’s not in the SEC.

I think his family ushered him out the door.


For those wondering, Arkansas does not have Missouri on the schedule next season.

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Why would anyone EVER choose Missery! Wish him luck.

Anyone hearing anything on Stovall? Seem to be rumblings that he may be leaving…

Limited options?

I think Leach’s defense has potential, but it needs some polish. Steve Bieser was an MLB catcher and knows how to coach that position well. Missouri is an SEC team. That’s not a bad spot for Leach to go.


It’s rumor season. I think a lot of them are started by people just wanting to stir things up.


Good! Hoping he stays and can’t imagine why he would leave.


Stovall is special, and we know it. Stardom and high draft are likely in his near future.

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And NIL endorsements.


Don’t you know it.

I hope we’re competing well in the NIL department. Actually, I hope we’re overdoing it in the NIL department. That’s the new world of college sports whether we like it or not.

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