Leach and his Tweeting

I’ll just throw this out there. I guess Leach thinks people are enamored of his politics:


His AD will have his hands full. But we and he knew that. He’s probably supporting the right guy in Mississippi at least.

Posting the tweet without the snarky political commentary would be just fine.

I’ll be shocked if this thread does not end up locked.

Snarky? How so? I’m asking a serious question. Tried to be down the middle.

And BTW if we can’t discuss the conduct of a fellow SEC West coach we considered hiring — and probably rejected based on such conduct — then I guess take down the post and thread. I don’t really care. Silliness, but take it down.

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Actually, this thread has not gotten political … and let’s keep it that way.

One of the reasons I didn’t want leach, (idc what anyone’s views are) as a college football coach, they should not be made public in the way that leach does. Keep it private, that’s fine. Idc if I agree with his views or I don’t, if they even slightly put you at a disadvantage in recruiting, which they will, on either side of the table, or subject you to criticism, which they will, either side of the table, they need to be kept to yourself.

I’m glad he’s not changing. We need all the recruiting tools we can against the Mississippi schools


Regardless of how you view things, coaches can make a lot of people mad talking about anything but football.

Coaches are like preachers - best to stick to your pulpit, and avoid politics. I lost loads of respect for Mike Gundy when he waded into OK politics. Barry Switzer, too, has had a knack for opening his mouth about politics only to regret it later.

Remember Lou Holtz and Jesse Helms.

Well, Free Speech is extended to all Americans by law and with that freedom sometimes comes consequences depending upon your audience and location in the country.

Wasn’t that one reason Frank fired Lou?

Yes, that is what I recall

Taping the commercial for Jesse Helms (although never aired) was something that upset Frank – and it also upset folks in Little Rock. John Walker told me it did not go over well at all. It did impact recruiting and Frank knew it. Lou has played that down since then, but it was a big deal (behind the scenes) at the time. Definitely was a factor. He’ll tell you it was not, but I know it was.

Lou joked for a long time that he didnt know what he was fired for.
I thought Lou’s Coors distributing investment had something to do with it also.

Couldn’t say it better.

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Both Mississippi schools have coaches who, in different ways, often appear to seek to call attention to themselves rather than their program. If one or both fail to win at a very good clip it will be very interesting to see how long it takes for the act to sour.

Lou wrote in his book (that has typos on the spelling of Arkansas players names) he did not know what he was fired for and says Frank could not recall. Frank was nice enough to forget the Helms stuff to help Lou. But it was real and it was hurtful to the program. Frank agreed to help him find other jobs. And, he did. They eventually became friends again. But for Lou to say Frank said he had no reasons for firing him would be a little naive. No a lot naive.


Leach’s comment may bode well with most of the people of Mississippi but it’s doubtful it will play well with the athletes he needs to recruit to win there.

A coach is just foolish to let his political views to become public. Fans, players, recruits, alumni, faculty all have different views. The football team should unite the fans around the team & the school. Any coach who goes out on a limb with his political views jeopardizes that. If he wants to talk politics, he needs to get out of the coaching profession.

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I think we all know what “free speech” in our country means. It literally means we can’t be jailed for what we have to say.

I am tenured, full professor. Hard to get rid of me. But I assure you if I stood in the middle of the College of Charleston campus and, for instance, bad mouthed our university President, I would probably lose my job. Or at least face super serious ramifications. We can’t go to jail for what we say. But we can get fired.

The ramifications Leach is gonna face is, as it has been hinted, is on the recruiting trail. You watch.

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Disagree. In fact, what is and is not “free speech” can be very difficult to resolve. Take a breeze through the thousands of First Amendment legal cases. Judges and lawyers still struggle with these issues every day. Very fact dependent. In fact, were Leach to sue MSU because MSU told him to take down that tweet (assuming that’s what occurred), that would not be an easy case to resolve. Political speech is among the most protected forms of speech. A government employer ordinarily can’t tell a government employee not to talk about politics. But is Leach really a government employee? Or is he a part government employee because a foundation pays part of his salary? You see the difficulties here. Leach, by the way, is a lawyer. He probably took down the tweet just based on common sense, not wanting to start off his tenure on a controversial note. He made the right call.