Is my itinerary for the day. Which has already changed three times and a fourth would not shock me at this point.

Those of you who know airport abbreviations know I started this morning in Lake Charles. Flight out of there was delayed twice because our plane couldn’t get out of Dallas. Second delay made it impossible to make my connection home at DFW, so AA emailed me with two options at the same time I was calling our company travel department. That call got dropped after 30 seconds, so I opened the email. Options got me home at 10:42 or got me home at midnight. I took the 10:42 option. Thus I’m sitting here in Terminal B at LaGuardia typing this post.

Not as irritating as Wax and the other Hog fans who never made it to Vegas for the UConn game, I’m sure, but irritating nonetheless. If I’d stayed on the call with the travel office I would have tried to get home on United, the only other option from LCH to ILM. If my original flight had gone through I would have been home three hours ago.

And I keep trying to fix the caps on the header… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Meanwhile they just changed my departure gate in New York. Again.

So glad I only fly for pleasure now. Before retirement, I traveled a lot for work, so tiring.


Nothing pleasant about flying these days.


never have had to deal with delays but it would be beyond frustrating!

I can change the caps on the first three. But when I try to update the last one, it kicks it back to the original.

I thought Jeff was trying to send us the coordinates to The Holy Grail with that header.:grin:

Gonna need the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch for that, Jeremy. And a few coconut shells.

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Sorry Jeff. LGA is right behind Newark in my least favorite airports. The good news is that you’ll eventually get home. Been there done that and I get your pain.

My daughter flew from LAX to ATL to RIC today on Delta with no delays. She’s lucky.

always liked LaGuardia as compared to Dallas;Atlanta or Chicago…but quit traveling by plane several years ago…it was enough of a hassle going thru TSA when on official duty and carrying my service weapon(picking up extraditons;or going with other agencies on task force stuff)that in retirement just didnt want the headaches…so when we went to Connecticut every fall…just always drove

Good news is the flight home from LGA was 20 minutes ahead of schedule. Bad news is Friday night Uber from airport to home, about 9 miles, set the company back $75. Yikes!

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I was very pleasantly surprised with the new terminal at LGA on our last trip to NYC

That airport used to be horrific but the new terminal is beautiful

Yeah the last time I was at LGA everything was under construction. Terminal is still very cramped but the inside is quite nice. It’s only like a 4 minute walk from end to end, as I went from arrival gate to departure gate. Far cry from O’Hare where some of your walks feel more like military marches.


Flew to Auckland and then Australia in January. American was late on every flight. Auckland airport was flooded while we were there. People sleeping everywhere. Luckily we didn’t leave for 3 more days but got stuck in Dallas with the ice storm. Waited through 4 cancellations and rented a SUV and drove home.Was up 41 hours before finally getting home. I am not flying anywhere for quite a while.


I don’t do it anymore. I’ll do trains, boats, bikes, busses, covered wagons and mules, but I won’t do planes.

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There remains the option of building a generally accessible national rail system.

When headed to our National (dog show) I’ve always driven. For many years I was taking a case or two of margaritas. I’m not doing that anymore, but I still don’t want to fool with flying.

Headed out to the Smokies in the RV this morning. I’ve traded airports and airplanes for our RV. Otherwise known as a Repair Vehicle.


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