LB Targets (Richard or Dudley)

Saw where we just offered a LB from Memphis, with what looked like underwhelming numbers unless we are targeting him as a nickel. Surprised he was offered, given the seven or so we are still looking at, none of which are LBs. But, given that we did offer, what about Darius Hodges, the LB from Alabama. 6-2, 245, and his tape looks good. Is he still in play? One list of offers lists him, but another one doesn’t. 24/7 shows him both as having and not having an offer from us, but his crystal ball is100% Hogs. What is the real story on him?

Correction: One of the seven is an OLB.

idk about Hodges, but I believe the only other LB we take will be Kendall Young

That’s what I thought too…until we offered this latest LB from Memphis. Makes me wonder if Young is leaning elsewhere, and the latest is plan B, which brought me back to Hodges.

Elias Neal had 90 tackles, 4 sacks, 2 int & 4 TDs last year while also playing fullback. Not sure those are underrated numbers.

Coach Chavis plays a 4-2-5. One of the spots is a combined OLB-Nickel and Dime Back that likely is the position Neal is targeted.

It is the same spot where D’Vone McClure, Derrick Munson and Nate Dalton are practicing at and where Kevin Richardson would be at if he were healthy.

Kendall Young and Darius Hodges are indeed LB candidates.

Hodges has yet to visit Arkansas.

Arkansas is his only Power 5 offer to this point.

Thanks, Dudley. Didn’t see the productivity numbers, just height and weight.