LB’s Huge Need

For next year! We are losing our best 3 tackling machines at LB after this year, so we need to restock at this position, which I think is vital to a Barry Odom defense scheme. Would be nice to find a good grad transfer this off-season. I know they like Paul & Parker has some experience, but who else? I looked at our roster but mostly found FR LBs.

We are bringing in two linebackers that are absolutely phenomenal in Jordan Crook and Mani Powell they will knock your teeth out and are about 230 lb a piece… they are is good as I’ve seen us bring in.


I think this might be our top need in the transfer portal.

Both of those LB recruits are legit. It is the player we see on the other side of the LOS for the big teams in the conference.

One reason we haven’t seen the depth at LB is those top three are hard to get off of the field.

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Bumper could come back if he chooses.


Interesting decision for Pool. It’s a gang of three at the two LB spots this year, but he would be the ringleader next year, with a lot of pre-season attention. I’m not sure another year’s worth of tape will help him that much with the pros, he’s played a lot of football already, with more to come this year.

They’ve got some young guys on the roster now who could also be good next year. Parker is playing some now, and Eric Thomas is kind of an LB/DE who is playing too, mainly on special teams. Pooh Paul has gotten on the field for a few snaps, but I think they might hold him to four games this year so he would be a redshirt freshman next year. Marcus Avant also looks to be redshirting(and hopefully putting on some muscle) and he might be one to watch next spring. Jayden Johnson is listed as a safety but he has been getting some playing time and from I think is playing as a hybrid S/LB in some of our packages-guy is big enough to do that even as a freshman.

Since we play with only two LBs most of the time, we really need just four or five that can play. I would not be surprised if they got a guy from the portal, but I don’t think we are going to be in dire straits next year at LB- it may be more a case of having to put up with letting some young, talented guys make a few more mistakes while they learn. This current group of old guys who have been playing college football forever have us spoiled.

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Yes both of these guys are exactly the type that sign with Bama,Clemson,Ga etc… they are extremely physical play downhill immediately and are very good tacklers I expect both to play very early maybe even next year… I agree that we may look to the transfer portal for help because I don’t see anybody on the current roster able to step in there and play at the level we need them to

I have quietly been hoping for this. I think next years LB’s will ultimately be great players but there is no substitute for experience and think his presence on the field would be huge next year to transition to the younger players rather than a total overhaul.

Plus it just seems like his family connections and his long-time love for the university make it a natural fit.

Not saying he will but the possibility is there.

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