LB Jaylen Moody to Alabama...

over Arkansas and others. … s-alabama/

Wish he was a Hawg but cannot blame him on his choice. Gotta win more games to win some of these recruiting battles.

Moody was Bama’s plan C ! Good luck to the young man.

We won’t out recruit Alabama until we become competitive on the field with them. We are in a transition period at this time and as far as recruiting goes, we can’t get to high and we can’t down on ourselves. Let’s just keep moving forward with the mindset that CCM is going to get more done with less, if he can do that eventually you will get more talent. First and foremost I thank all the recruits that have signed and others that will later today for choosing the Arkansas Razorbacks and look forward to seeing you take the field for the Hogs and congratulations on your first step as a collegiate student/athelete, wishing you all the very best! WPS

Some programs are starting to use Nick’s age (66) when recruiting againist Bama. This is the first I notice it affecting the recruiting rankings.
Maybe Alabama is in the decline.

Bama lost two 4stars recruits after the first signing period which is unusual but losing them to Grambling and Princeton were the kickers. Times change but other schools in SEC have stepped up their efforts to attract better players so the cycle does have it’s reversion to mean over time.

Age is used in recruiting just like Joe Paterno and Bobby Bowen in their 70’s. Think a freshman at Bama to day might see his coach at age 72 when he graduates. Not against the age or Saban only that time gets us all at some point.