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Grant Morgan gets injured and the Arkansas Defense totally collapses. Without looking at the post game tape, it appears the loss of Morgan was devastating to the Hogs.

Anxious to read the analysis of the defensive collapse from the experts.


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Our defense was so bad because our DL got whipped all day long.

They doubled teamed Marshall and nobody else could win the 1 on 1 battle.


Not sure about that, everyone was getting whooped pretty bad including Morgan

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Did a dlineman make a tackle? I saw Nichols early but can’t remember a big play by a dlineman. Soli can not play DE not big enough or strong enough and when he had a free run he couldn’t run down their slow QB. I know he’s all we got but he get swallowed up.

It seems in watching the line play, that the lighter defensive ends get swallowed up on edge runs, but even the bigger guys seem prone to cave to the inside a lot, leaving lanes. Never coached or played defensive line, but even on previous teams, it looks like our linemen get tied up with blockers, while opponents seem to shed our blockers with more frequency. Some of this is size, but surely there is more to this. But just like on offense, it all begins up front and while yesterday the offensive line showed signs of hope, it did not look as hopeful on the defense.


I played DE and they are swallowed up you have to set the edge. Coates I love his competitive spirit and he has elite talent going to very good next year. Williams has some potential but doesn’t make plays hustles and gives great effort. Soli is undersized and just can’t play DE. Gregory has the body and I like him. Nichols if he adds 20-25 lbs muscle can be a good one like all of them interested to see if the new strength and conditioning staff can make us bigger and stronger without losing quickness. Please I’m not just hammering Soli he gives effort he’s just not big and strong to play DE.

I almost typed the same thing yesterday re Soli. Didn’t want a negative post but I agree I think he’s just too small.

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Obviously, they’ve thought about it, but maybe Soli is more suited for LB.

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Soli is a bit of a mystery so far. so talented, and so explosive in hs, recruited by everyone. I loved his dad’s play and was very happy he signed with us.

but i’ts been 2 years and I can’t remember a single play he has made. i’m hoping that having a broken hand during basically his entire 2 years is the reason. I’m sure that interferes with his strength and conditioning, not to mention mentally and trying to tackle or shed blocks.

I’m really hoping to see him healthy, with an entire, normal off season/spring practice, and come back next year up 20 pounds, looking like the hs recruit he was. I’ve not given up on this young man.


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I don’t want to bash him because he gives max effort it’s a size and strength problem. And he’s not extremely quick to overcome it. But he gives his all and maybe a different position.

I remember his dad well. Big thick and strong like bull. His body is not a lineman type body. Again though hope he gets healthy and adds size and strength. He needs weights and this staff to get bigger and stronger.


What about Kelley trans from Clemson. Thought he was the quick big strong interior D lineman type. Or maybe we learning why he transferred.

Hawgs have several at top slots. Scheme plays a part of the number but losing Morgan hurt , esp with leadership and getting people in right spots.

Losing one of this players is like ringing the dinner bell for the other teams Offensive coordinator.

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Soli has played one-handed for the bulk of two seasons. The Mizzou game was his first since UGA where he didn’t have a mallet-cast on his hand. Wrap your hand in a tea towel and then try to do anything productive around the house - you’ll soon realize the handicap.

Some of the DL play is about scheme. We funnel everything to the LBs. If the OT can turn the DE in or out vs having the DE neutralize things (and thus the RB has to cut inside or bounce around to the outside, both of which allow for pursuit to fill the hole) then you don’t have the gashing runs.

If you funnel to your LBs…and a starting LB goes down…then you are funneling to a backup. By the time Morgan was going down, the safeties who normally fill nicely on the edge were being redirected to slot WR coverage or we were playing a backup. Slusher going down (concussion, I presume) was a huge setback. He has some Catalon to him - good instincts, good closing speed, and a willingness to make a tackle.

Mizzou spread us out with only 5OL in the box and then let Roundtree pick a hole or run over the LB. The worst was late when Badie - faster than Roundtree - was able to hit the crease and blow by the fill which arrived late (backup LB, backup safety) or was spread wide for pass coverage. It was one of those situations where we had been exposed and only getting players healed up (or recruiting better ones) would fix it.

Morgan’s greatest value is his leadership/smarts. The players trust him to get the defense aligned properly. They count on him being where he is supposed to be. Several times the last 2 weeks Pool has crashed inside on the corner only to have the RB get wide, outside a contain block by the WR which effectively blocked Pool as well. One of those plays Roundtree would have scored had Julius Coates (!) not hustled following the play to help Foucha get him out of bounds.

I really think our d line played as well as can be expected with no relief - they were gassed - I simply dont think they could do much better without a solid rotation to give them relief

There is only so much gas in the gas tank

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