LB coach?

Vernon Hargreaves has reached out to a player had indicated he thinks there a good chance he comes back to Arkansas.

I was thinking that Odom coached linebackers…

Hargreaves was the ILB coach.

He made $342K at Misery. He’s also been wiped off their website so he’s definitely not being retained.

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Very interesting RD…I would be good with him as the ILB coach.

Oh ok seems like I heard Odom coached them.

Well, will the decision makers have an issue with his speeding ticket and then being arrested for missing a court date for driving without insurance?

Depends on whether it was left lane and he was hammering down

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Lol! Good one.

Oh man…thank you hawgcotton…I am cracking up!!!

Yes, Odom played MLB and has coached LB in the past.

Knew I heard that somewhere…

Now that is funny–good job