LB coach Michael Scherer will be by

Many, La. HS to see major LB Tackett Curtis this week.


We really need to close the deal on him…he is an absolute stud

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Top athletic ability coupled with a great work ethic, and a real LB, we need him to move the needle further toward 10+ win seasons. Just look at his offer list.

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Scherer seems to be a really, really good recruiter. Funny, the one thing that I had a little trepidation about when we hired Sam, was if he good attract good young assistant coaches.

So much for that, dummy. Sam has to be the best coach since Broyles at replacing really good assistant coaches with even better coaches and recruiters.


Would really like to get Tackett to the Hogs but i see on 247 that he is a heavy lean to Ohio State. Do we really have much of a chance with him?

Yeah I don’t understand why he would want to go all the way up to Ohio and play when he could literally go across the border and play in the best conference in America and have a chance to start ASAP

Coach Jess Curtis said Scherer will be by today.

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