LB Caleb Johnson commits to

I’d probably not leave a spot at the table for the BBQ, now. He may visit later on in the fall, but I’d be surprised on a July visit.

Would think this isn’t over. We’ll see.

Caleb said he still plans to visit Arkansas.

That weekend?

He’s still working on the details.

Wow, Iowa State over Arkansas? Our brand is diminished…

Iowa State had a very good season last year and the coach is considered one of the up and comers in the profession.

Talked to the dad of a kid who committed elsewhere after receiving a UA “offer.” The dad never said “uncommitable offer” but that is the way he described it. To the outsider, it is “huh? UA got beat out by X?” There is often an inside story - this family wanted recruiting done by the start of summer camp August 1 for the player. UA couldn’t accommodate that.

If Johnson is a JUCO then he is looking for immediate playing time. Hard to know if UA will have playing time, or not. How do the existing LBs mature in the new system? What about recruits who haven’t been thru a fall camp? Lots of unknowns. If I’m a JUCO I get it.

Actually, early playing time at Arkansas was one of our draws, in an article I read. It could be that Iowa St was pushing for a commit, and since he had recently visited there, he “claimed” a spot. If he does visit, I’d say our chances of flipping are above 50%.

I don’t know about years but i am pretty sure we have Scoota back next year, I don’t know about Dre. But I wouldn’t be surprised if Bumper has a starting role next year when this JUCO kid would be playing

You either have speed, or you are chasing it!

Dre is a senior I believe and will be gone. I would put my money on Andrew Parker sitting in a starting roll next season and quite possibly playing this year as his upside is off the charts!!!