LB Andrew Parker tells why he's a Hog, where he stands with A&M visit (audio) … he-stands/

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richard, you are working your tail off trying to keep up with this coaching staff.

As someone yearning for info on the new regime, I REALLY appreciate all your hard work!


Thanks RD!
Great job on the interview with Andrew!
After listening, I’m not sure that I feel any more comfortable about his commitment.
I found it interesting that his highlight of the visit was trying on the uniforms. He did say he liked to look good on the field, but that the uniform was not a deciding factor or that important.

He obviously thinks a lot of Chavis and likes the fact that Chavis has put a lot of LB’s in the NFL.

His mom really like Fayetteville and the school.

He obviously still has some interest in aTm and gave a 60% chance that he will still visit. He hedged at 50% and settled on 60%. That, to me, is a lot closer to yes, than maybe or no.

What did you think after your interview?

I see it. Just clicked on and it’s working for me.

Thanks for the kind words HH.

I think it’s case of kid that hasn’t been recruited much that wants to be recruited. I’m sure the staff will try and keeo him from visiting.