Layden Blocker's

OV to Ole Miss for this weekend has been postponed

How do you think we stand with Blocker? I was salivating thinking about the possibility of Warren and Blocker both being Razorbacks. Now, unfortunately, that’s not going to happen with Warren headed to OTE. That makes it even more important that we get Layden, one of the best point guards in the class.

I think they’re in good shape but too early to truly know.

I don’t think you can count on any 4 or 5 star kid until he’s signed and on campus any more, with Ignite, OTE and other non-college options.

NIL helps colleges. I think the top 20-30 are at risk but I think others will end up in college.

How do the economics of this work? Does OTE get a cut of any future NBA deal? Tough to imagine there is enough ticket and television money to make this work.

Don, there is NIL money for those players, too.

From Overtime Elite’s press release in May, 2021.

“Launched in 2016 by William Morris Endeavor executives Dan Porter and Zachary Weiner, Overtime’s revenue comes from two sources. One is indirectly aligning with brands by integrating them into its online media content and making money off video ads. The other is direct revenue via e-commerce.”

“Overtime raised in April [$80 million from investors,] including Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ investment firm, global entertainer Drake, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian and several National Basketball Association players. To date, the Brooklyn-based company said it has raised more than $140 million.”

One of the NBA players involved is Trae Young of the Atlanta Hawks. They are opening their new home offices in Atlanta, so he is supposedly heavily involved in the company.

They say they currently have over 50 million followers on Social media.

There is an OTE contract these kids (and parents?) sign. I haven’t been able to find a copy of the contract. I’d like to see if, unknowingly, these kids and parents have signed away any future rights to use OTE’s social media platforms if or when they make it big in the NBA?

I sure hope these kids and parents have good attorneys representing them. Some of these kids may be in for a rude awakening. I don’t blame them for exploring their financial options but skipping 2 years of high school is a little worrisome to me.

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No amount of money is worth squandering away your youth.


I agree Southpaw. I’m sure it’s only going to get worse. Is there a minimum age a kid has to be? Just asking for my own information.

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These kids are basketball 24/7. That’s not going to change. The only thing that changes is a paycheck.

No doubt about that for a lot of them.

You can’t legally sign a contract until you are 18, which means these kids’ parents are basically signing away their youth for them. It will probably work out for a few of them, but I bet many of them will someday regret this decision big time. You are only young once, and money ain’t everything. This whole deal smacks of parents wanting to turn impressionable, underage kids into breadwinners before they have even had their first kiss. It’s shameful to me on so many levels.

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That is the part I do not like about this. In fact I hate it.


Agree completely! I would have no quarrel with it if they were recruiting only HS seniors who had graduated. This could be a good alternative for the top 20 to 50 HS recruits who wanted to pass on the one year of college currently required. Those top players and their parents who value an education, could still choose college.

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Supposedly they’re going to have the kids complete high school curriculum in OTE and set aside money for them to go to college after their basketball career ends. We shall see. Good intentions, etc.

Bet that happens. I think it’s a must to win over parents and critics.

Like I said in an earlier post I hope these parents and kids have good attorneys.

While he was at Little Rock Christian, I did not hear anything that says he wanted to go out of state, That is usually a good sign for us. Hope that doesn’t change as he is moving to Sunrise Academy.