Layden Blocker

Layden Blocker hits 5-star status in composite Nat’l rankings (#25 overall)

ESPN (No. 22)
247Sports (No. 29)
Rivals (No. 29)

Congrats to Layden


Yes, great to see. Obviously he hasn’t become a better player as a result of this ranking, but is finally being recognized for his great play over the last year. We all recognized he’s been a 5-star player. IMO, he’s still a bit under ranked. Please take note, Fall and Holland. Let’s get 3 McDs in back to back recruiting classes!

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I guess because I’ve never paid much attention to composite, how do you get a 5-star when none of the services rate him a 5-star?

No clue. Just took info from another Razorback-related sports site.

Not saying it’s not true, just can’t figure out how.

Yeah no idea. Math folks help us out.

the composite is an average of the ratings by the major recruiting services, then the top 1% of all players rated 2 star and above are given 5 stars.

So espn bumped him up their rankings this week. While he didn’t get into the top 1% of espn ratings his average/composite is in the top 1% of all players average ratings

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If that happens, I want to take credit for that. LOL. But seriously I did predict Blocker will become a 5 star and we will have back to back 3 McAAs with Blocker, Holland and Fall. Yes, being a 5 star, it doesn’t mean you will be a McAA, but I think it will happen.

Especially in this class of 2023. Bronny James is in this class (4-star and #45 in the composite) and you just know, somehow he will end up on the McDAA roster, taking away a spot from a more deserving player.


Bronny James…the kid Blocker put on a poster…:yawning_face:

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While composite is nice, he will generally be called a 4-star until he gets a 5th from one of the four services.

He is indeed a 5-star in 247 composite ranking. There are 26 5s and Layden sits at #25.

Doesn’t make much sense to me either.

He should not be. 247 has used the same system every year (at least the last 6 or 7 that I’ve checked) to determine 5 star players. They use the 4 digit decimal number following each player. If you are in the .99-- range you are a 5-star. If your 4 digit number starts with .98-- down to a .935- you are a 4-star. They won’t release their formula but have used that consistently. If you’ve noticed, the composite number of 5-stars varies just about every year, but it’s always based on that four digit number.

There is no legitimate reason for anyone to not call him a 5-star.

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I wouldn’t think the other services would acknowledge the composite when referring to him.

I was referring to general sports media, sports message boards, etc. In a way though, 247 refers to Blocker as a 5 star since when anyone checks their rankings, their default list is the composite list.

If any writer, fan, etc. does a search for Layden Blocker, class 2023, on 247, they pull up “Layden Blocker, 5-star”

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Respectfully disagree. 247 will say they rate him a 4-star but he’s a 5-star composite.


Yes, if they are writing an article or making a reference to him as a response, they will say they have him ranked as a 4-star. But, as I stated above, if anyone uses the 247 website to check on Layden Blocker, they will be linked to a page calling him a 5-star. If they search 247 for the class of 2023 rankings, they will see Blocker - 5-star. Their default list for any recruit search shows their composite ranking. That’s why I posted “in a way though”, 247 refers to Blocker as a 5-star …". That’s to anyone doing a quick search on 247 for Blocker.

I don’t believe we are in disagreement.


No reason to argue. It is semantics at this point. I think we can all agree that Layden has a very good chance to be a 5 star by the time the Mickey D’s AA team is chosen, but right now, he is our only commit. Muss really needs to bring in Fall and Holland to back up last year’s class, and I think he will.

I’m just glad Muss didn’t take the bait and recruit Bronny. If HE is a Mickey D’s AA, the system is completely broken. Moody was WAY more deserving.

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Layden passes the eyeball test. All that matters. Watch him play and you can see he’s a 5-star elite talent. He will be the best Razorback PG since Lee Mayberry. Guaranteed.

I’ll be happy if he’s the best Razorback PG since Anthony Black.